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SRC and CMHC Unveil Electrical and Energy Efficiency Project

OTTAWA, Ontario, January 17, 2001 — The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) today unveiled an ambitious research project on saving energy in existing homes.

Funded by the CMHC, the SRC project will result in work on six homes in Saskatoon this year with the ambitious target of improving each home's natural gas and electrical savings by 40 per cent.

"This is not a theoretical project. It's practical," explained Rob Dumont, a PhD mechanical engineer who is the head of the SRC's Building Performance Section. "We'll provide a detailed analysis to the homeowner of how energy and electrical savings can be achieved."

The SRC responded to a Request For Proposal from the CMHC last year and was awarded the $69,000 project. Each homeowner, who receives a token $1,000 honorarium for participating in the project, is responsible for all capital costs associated with the recommended changes.

"CMHC research has shown that if we want to stabilize greenhouse gas production from Canadian housing, existing houses will have to reduce their energy consumption by roughly 40 per cent," said Don Fugler, a senior researcher with CMHC. "This project will test if savings of this magnitude are achievable in typical houses."

Primary assessment of one of the homes (1526 Alexandra Avenue) began today. Built about 1910, the two-story house with an attached porch is located north of the city's downtown district. A special door was installed which blows the air out of the home and allows the three-member SRC research team to use diagnostic tools to determine leakage areas such as windows, baseboards, electrical outlets and holes in the attic.

"The end result of this project is that the SRC will provide a detailed report for the homeowner showing what things could be done such as replacing a furnace or making insulation better," Dumont said. "We'll estimate the cost to do the work and the natural gas and electrical savings from that work. We'll also figure out how long these retrofit changes will take to be paid back in terms of lower energy and electrical bills."

A CMHC report on the six different homes will be made available to the public when work is completed in the fall of 2002, Dumont said.

For further information please contact:
Rob Dumont ,
Section Leader,
Building Performance Section,
Saskatchewan Research Council
(306) 933-6216
Halyna Tataryn,
Senior Advisor,
Research and Information Transfer,
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
(403) 515-2958

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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