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CMHC Helps Quebec Association of Building Inspectors Add Value to Service

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 24, 2001 — Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) Homeowner's Manual was adopted the beginning of April, by the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (QABI) to use as part of their client service package to better serve their customers.

"Using CMHC's Homeowner's Manual is a giant step toward helping homeowners protect the value of their home to maintain a safe, healthy environment," said Guy Bossé, Manager, Information Transfer at CMHC's Quebec Business Centre. "We're pleased the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors found the manual valuable for their customers. It's a decision that shows leadership and a real service-oriented approach to business."

Germain Fréchette, president of the QABI said, he was pleased to have found a manual backed by CMHC's strong credentials. "The manual is a valuable addition to the homeowner's information package. It contains extensive, unbiased, well researched information on the operation and maintenance of a home. We constantly rely on CMHC's objective information on housing issues because its publications are so well respected in the residential construction sector."

The QABI collaborated with CMHC to adapt the manual to their specific needs so it could be used as part of their home evaluation process.

Bossé added, "having an owners manual for your most valuable possession makes a great deal of sense. CMHC's Homeowner's Manual is a unique product, customizable to each house. It's the perfect companion to an inspection when an inspector relates precise information on a home's components and systems to a homeowner. The manual is a natural complement to that report since it will guide the homeowner through subsequent years of operating and maintaining the home."

Since publication a year ago, adoption of the manual by industry members is expanding. The Residential Warranty Company of Canada provides it to all builders it insures. Several large and many medium sized builders have also adopted it as a regular part of house purchases.

Keith Hanson, Chairman of the Canadian Home Warranty Council said his organization endorsed the manual because, "We believe it will make a major contribution to the management of home warranty for home owners and home builders alike."

Don Johnson, Senior Director, Technology and Policy of the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) said CHBA was involved in the preparation of CMHC's Homeowners Manual. "We think it's a valuable service tool for our members' clients and we're recommending builders make it part of their customer service strategy."

The Homeowners Manual is just one of many CMHC information products that can guide consumers through the purchase and ownership of a house. CMHC publications offer reliable, objective information developed through years of extensive research.

The manual and other CMHC publications, are available from CMHC by calling: 1-800-668-2642

For further information please contact:

Fanis Grammenos,
CMHC (Ottawa)
(613) 748-2321
Guy Bossé,
CMHC (Quebec)
(514) 496-2483
Jacqueline Meunier-Bureau,
CMHC (Quebec)
(514) 283-2496
Nelson Larrivée
QABI (Que)
(418) 694-6944

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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