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Your Biggest Financial Decision...Made Easy!

New Yahoo! Canada Mortgage Centre makes mortgage research, calculation and pre-approval straightforward, fast and convenient

TORONTO, June 26, 2001 /CNW/ — Do you dream about finding the perfect mortgage? Probably not, but chances are, at least once in your life you'll need to go mortgage shopping. It's an extremely important, but often anxiety-ridden experience for most Canadians. But help is on the way! Yahoo! Canada today launched Yahoo! Canada Mortgage Centre, a free online resource for Canadians that provides information, tools and even an online application feature for Canadians in search of the right mortgage. Yahoo! Canada Mortgage Centre, available at, is powered by INVIS Inc., the premier national team of mortgage consultants with offices across Canada.

"Choosing and applying for a mortgage are among the most important financial decisions most Canadians make, and the process just became much simpler with the launch of Yahoo! Canada Mortgage Centre," said Michael Zahra, general manager of Yahoo! Canada. "Yahoo! Canada Mortgage Centre saves time in researching, calculating and applying for a mortgage, so Canadians can focus more on finding the perfect home, and less on finding the perfect mortgage."

In addition to being able to calculate payment schedules and maximum mortgage amounts quickly and simply, Yahoo! Canada's new mortgage center allows members to research mortgage types, learn about home buying, check and compare mortgage rates and even apply for a mortgage online.

  • Among the many features on Yahoo! Canada's Mortgage Centre:
  • Rate comparisons between INVIS' available rates and the posted rates of the leading lenders.
  • Online home mortgage pre-approval: a simple step-by-step procedure that allows you to apply for a pre-approved mortgage in minutes.
  • Mortgage Analyzer: Calculate your mortgage payments and create an amortization schedule to discover what you will owe in five years.
  • Maximum Mortgage calculator: Calculate the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for based on your income. A great tool for buyers!
  • Comprehensive information for first time homebuyers, repeat buyers, those renewing a mortgage and those refinancing their mortgage.

"Many people dread shopping for a mortgage, because it used to be a very complicated, time-consuming, intimidating process," said Ron De Silva, national manager, marketing and e-commerce, INVIS Inc. "INVIS takes the hassle out of mortgage shopping, and we're delighted to bring our personalized service, leading rates and years of consultant experience to the millions of Yahoo! Canada members from coast-to-coast. Due to our size and expertise, INVIS has the ability to negotiate lower rates for consumers than they would normally be able to on their own," he added. According to INVIS, many consumers, especially those renewing a mortgage, don't spend time shopping around for better terms and conditions when looking for mortgage products. By offering this new service, Yahoo! Canada and INVIS aim to inform Canadians about the value of using a professional mortgage negotiator.

Yahoo! Canada's new Mortgage Centre resides among the many useful products and services from Yahoo! Canada Finance, one of Canada's leading online personal finance and investing resources.

About INVIS Inc.
INVIS is the largest independent national mortgage broker firm in Canada. Since its inception, INVIS has been the catalyst of change in the mortgage broker industry, integrating a quality mobile sales force with the increasing demand for online mortgage services. INVIS continues to lead the mortgage industry evolution by establishing numerous strategic affinity relationships with related service providers and launching tactical marketing campaigns designed to raise awareness of the INVIS brand and the value proposition of its Mortgage Consultants.

About Yahoo! Canada
Yahoo! Canada,, is part of the Yahoo! global network and provides comprehensive and localized media, commerce and communication services to millions of Canadians each month. Users can also seamlessly connect to any of Yahoo!'s global properties Yahoo! Canada is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. About Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO - news) is a global Internet communications, commerce and media company that offers a comprehensive branded network of services to more than 192 million individuals each month worldwide. As the first online navigational guide to the Web, is the leading guide in terms of traffic, advertising, household and business user reach. Yahoo! is the No. 1 Internet brand globally and reaches the largest audience worldwide. The company also provides online business and enterprise services designed to enhance the productivity and Web presence of Yahoo!'s clients. These services include Corporate Yahoo!, a popular customized enterprise portal solution; audio and video streaming; store hosting and management; and Web site tools and services. The company's global Web network includes 24 World properties. Yahoo! has offices in Europe, the Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada and the United States, and is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

News source: Invis Inc.


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