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TELUS provides mortgage brokering and fulfilment through online mortgage centres on national Web portals

TELUS partners with INVIS and Basis100 to become first Internet Service Provider in Canada to offer live, integrated mortgage services.

BURNABY, BC and TORONTO, ON, July 11, 2001 /CNW/ — Consumers can now use the convenience of the Internet and Web-enabled cell phones to plan and purchase their mortgage through the TELUS portals, and TELUS is the first Internet Service Provider in Canada to offer live, integrated mortgage services on its portals, free of charge.

Applying for a mortgage through the TELUS online mortgage centres (, and saves consumers the time and hassle of making multiple bank visits to compare offers and fill out applications. The sites, built on Basis100 technology and supported by INVIS Financial Group's mortgage consultants, enable consumers to submit one application and have a mortgage consultant shop for the best possible rates from more than 30 Canadian lenders.

Consumers can also search for low mortgage rates and calculate their monthly mortgage payments as they shop for a house through the wireless TELUS portals on their Web-enabled cell phones. In the near future, TELUS online mortgage centre applicants will receive alerts letting them know the status of their application through short message service (SMS) notification or e-mail to their Web-enabled phones.

A growing number of consumers are turning to the Internet to find mortgage information or apply for a mortgage online. This trend is evidenced by surveys conducted by the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (CIMBL) that reveal that consumer confidence in the Web-based mortgage business has grown to 32 percent from 25 percent during the past year. Significant driving factors in the consumers' decisions to explore online options are attributed to multiple mortgage choices, a quick response and approval process, and personal assistance.

"The TELUS mortgage centres are an example of how TELUS is building smart, integrated solutions through the convergence of financial data, IP and wireless," said Mark Schnarr, executive vice-president, TELUS Ventures. "We're eliminating the stress of mortgage shopping and qualifying by providing flexible Internet and wireless mortgage services to customers."

The mortgage centres at, and provide several mortgage-related services so Internet users can:

  • Sit back and relax while their mortgage is negotiated on their behalf
  • Obtain competitive mortgage rate quotes from more than 30 major lenders across Canada
  • Calculate different payment scenarios to plan their mortgage
  • Shop for legal packages and mortgage insurance premiums
  • Determine the mortgage amount for which they may qualify
  • Receive efficient and personal service by phone or in person
  • Receive advice designed specifically for first-time home buyers
  • Renew or refinance their existing mortgage

"This partnership offers an innovative solution to mortgage lending that marries technology with personal service to provide a more complete customer service experience," said John Bargis, Vice-President, Product Development and Marketing for INVIS. "We've built strong relationships with Canadian lenders, earning INVIS a solid position when negotiating on behalf of the Canadian consumer."

Bargis added, "Through our affiliate and referrals program, INVIS mortgage consultants will also help find the best rates on legal costs and mortgage life insurance."

Online mortgage application filing, rate negotiation and processing through the TELUS portals is secure, private and available at no cost to the consumer.

"Our arrangement with TELUS increases the reach of our technology, as well as ensures a more personally guided mortgage process," said Basis100 Chairman and CEO Gary Bartholomew. "We know that consumers are turning to the Internet to research mortgages and apply online, but it's partnerships like this one that connect the steps throughout the process that are going to be successful in fulfilling these online applications."

TELUS Corporation (TSE: T, T.A; NYSE: TU) is one of Canada's leading telecommunications companies providing a full range of telecommunications products and services that connect Canadians to the world. The company is the leading service provider in Western Canada and provides data, Internet Protocol, voice and wireless services to Central and Eastern Canada. TELUS operates an online and wireless portal network that includes,, and the online French-language TELUS Quebec portals, and As popular Web sites featuring news, sports, entertainment and communication services, these portals generate traffic to support local merchant advertising and e-commerce. For more information about TELUS, visit

INVIS is the largest independent national mortgage broker firm in Canada. Since its inception, INVIS has been the catalyst of change in the mortgage broker industry, integrating a quality mobile sales force with the increasing demand for online mortgage services. INVIS continues to lead the evolution of the mortgage industry by establishing numerous strategic affinity relationships with related service providers and launching tactical marketing campaigns designed to raise awareness of the INVIS brand and the value proposition of its Mortgage Consultants. For more information, please visit

About Basis
100 Basis100 (BAS:TSE) is a leading e-commerce technology solution provider for financial institutions and service providers enabling them to build, distribute, buy and sell their products and services in new ways. Basis100 is focused on the mortgage origination, consumer credit, fixed income trading, and service vendor markets across North America.

News source: Invis Inc.


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