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February 2001 National Archive

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Mortgage News & Press Releases - February 2001

  • Housing Starts Up in January
    OTTAWA, Ontario, February 8, 2001 — The annual rate of housing starts in Canada increased 20.1 per cent in January 2001 to 174,100 units* compared to 145,000 in December, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Urban multiples starts were up 48.3 per cent to 76,800 units, compared to 51,800 in December while urban singles starts went up 5.8 per cent to 78,200 in …
  • Housing Starts Rising This Year and in 2002
    OTTAWA, Ontario, February 14, 2001 — Housing starts in Canada should reach 158,400 units this year and 164,300 in 2002, compared to 151,653 in 2000, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) first quarter CMHC Housing Outlook report. "Gains in new construction this year and next will reflect the delayed effects of several years of strong job creation, as well as …
  • CMHC Housing Research Grants Announced
    OTTAWA, Ontario, February 15, 2001 — Twenty-two Canadian researchers will be awarded up to $20,000 each under Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC), External Research Program (ERP), the Honourable Alfonso Gagliano, Minister responsible for CMHC announced today. "The External Research Program encourages Canadians to conduct research into important issues affecting Canadian …
  • 600,000 Households in Five Major Centres Ready to Buy a Home in 2001
    OTTAWA, Ontario, February 19, 2001 — Almost 600,000 households, an average 12 per cent of all households in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, are in the market to buy a home this year, according to the Consumers Intentions to Buy or Renovate a Home report from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Home renovations will also be strong this year. Forty seven …
  • Governor underlines Bank of Canada's ongoing commitment to good economic ...
    TORONTO, Ontario, February 20, 2001 —In his first public speech to the Toronto Board of Trade, Governor David Dodge said that he wants to ensure that the Bank builds on its record to date and that it strengthens and deepens the progress made so far in fulfilling its mandate. In highlighting the Bank's commitment to contribute to the economic well-being of Canadians, Mr. Dodge said that …


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