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Minister Gagliano Announces CMHC Housing Awards Program for 2002

OTTAWA, Ontario, January 8, 2002 — "Affordable Housing Innovations", is the theme of the 2002 Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Housing Awards, announced today by the Honourable Alfonso Gagliano, Minister responsible for CMHC.

"The 2002 CMHC Housing Awards will recognize innovations and best practices that have helped reduce the cost of housing in Canada," said Minister Gagliano. "If you have implemented an innovative housing solution that has made housing less expensive for households that would otherwise have difficulty finding housing to meet their needs, you can apply for an award."

Awards will be made to Canadians who have achieved excellence in one of five categories: Finance and Tenure; Technology and Production; Planning and Regulation; Concept and Design and; Process and Management.

Eligible applicants include individuals and organizations, private or public, that have implemented innovative and beneficial housing solutions in the last 10 years in Canada. Winning submissions and honourable mentions will be chosen by an independent selection committee of housing experts from both the public and private sectors. Award finalists will be recognized, and their housing innovations shared, at the National Forum, in Toronto, October 22-23, 2002.

The CMHC Housing Awards Program, launched in 1988, has been successful in promoting innovations in seniors' housing (1988), housing for young families (1990), housing for persons with disabilities (1992), housing for Aboriginal people (1994), housing for youth (1997) and housing challenges of the new millennium (2000).

The closing date for applications to the awards program is April 5, 2002.

For information and an application form please contact:

CMHC Housing Awards Program
c/o NATIONAL Public Relations
310 Front Street, 6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B5
Telephone: 1-866-822-8719

For further information please contact:

Ruth Chamberland
(613) 748-2808

Eric Tétrault
Director of Communications
Office of Minister Gagliano
(819) 953-1098

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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