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Minister Manley Announces CMHC Housing Research Grants

OTTAWA, Ontario, February 7, 2002 — Twenty-four Canadian researchers will be awarded up to $20,000 each under Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC), External Research Program (ERP), the Honourable John Manley, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Crown Corporations announced today.

"The External Research Program encourages Canadians to conduct research into important issues affecting Canadian housing," said Deputy Prime Minister Manley. "The quality of proposals, in response to this competition, is truly impressive."

The ERP grants, which this year total $460,502, encourage private and non-profit sector researchers, as well as those employed in academic institutions, to put forward their ideas for investigation on housing issues. CMHC will publish the results when the studies are completed.

Successful applicants will carry out research projects in several priority areas, including: making housing more affordable, addressing Aboriginal housing needs, addressing distinct housing needs, advancing Healthy Housing, helping Canadians protect their investment in housing, improving building performance, exploring housing trends, and improving housing finance and market effectiveness.

Recipients of the External Research Program grants were selected by a national committee of housing experts, on the basis of merit and the quality of their proposals. The committee includes experienced researchers and practitioners in government, academic institutions, housing related professions, and business.

Results of a wide range of housing research, sponsored by CMHC, may be obtained from:

Canadian Housing Information Centre
700 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0P7
Telephone: (613) 748-2367; 1-800-668-2642
Fax: (613) 748-4069

For more information:

Denise Bertrand, CMHC
telephone: (613) 748-2249
fax: (613) 748-2402

Jennifer Sloan,
Director of Communications
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
(613) 952-4900

CMHC External Research
Program 2001

Programme de subventions de recherche de la SCHL 2001

Selected Research Proposals Propositions de recherche choisies
Name/Nom Title of research/Titre de la recherche
Bain, Nancy L.
Delta BC
Re-Sale of Leaky Condos: Did the Buyer Know?
Boulianne, Manon
Université Laval
Sainte-Foy QC
La cohabitation intergénérationnelle dans les banlieues de Québec
Cane, R.L. Douglas
Caneta Research Inc.
Mississauga ON
Electric Baseboard Retrofit in Multi-Family Buildings
Chauhan, Bak
Aurora Research Institute
Inuvik NT
Green Energy for Remote Housing in the North
Copas, Lorraine
Community Focus
Vancouver BC
Housing Stability Indicators and Impacts
Covo, David
Université McGill
Montréal QC
L'habitat autochtone : comprendre les transformations de l'usager - une approche sensible à la communauté de Kahnawake
Crenna, C. David
The Bayswater Consulting Group Inc.
Ottawa ON
Setting Priorities for Sustainable Community Solutions
Desgagné, Martin
Cree Regional Authority
Nemaska QC
Housing Education Program: Phase A - A Summary and Consultation Regarding Existing Rental Housing in Cree Communities (Eastmain Pilot Project)
Dunning, Willard A.
Will Dunning Inc.
Etobicoke ON
Natural Vacancy Rates in Canadian Urban Centres, 1992 - 2001
Geary, Vanessa
Tenants Rights Action Coalition
Vancouver BC
Strategies to Preserve the Existing Rental Housing Stock in Greater Vancouver
Gonçalves, Mario
Patenaude Consultants Inc.
Varennes QC
Performance Evaluation of Retrofitted Solid Masonry Exterior Walls
Hall, Margaret
British Columbia Law Institute
Vancouver BC
The Legal Framework for Supportive Housing
Hanna, Kevin
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo ON
It's All About Housing: Sustainable, Planning Practice, and Housing Form in the Oak Ridges Moraine
Henderson, Shawna
ABRI Sustainable Design
Newport NS
The Experience of Early Adopters of Small Scale, Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Source Power Reduction and Net Metering Policies in Canada
Moody, William G.
Moody Engineering
Dartmouth NS
Investigator of Accelerated Domestic Oil Tank Corrosion
Morin, Michel
MJM Conseillers en acoustique inc.
Montréal QC
Qualification du degré de confort acoustique procuré par les immeubles multilogements - Phase II
Richardson, J. Kenneth
Ken Richardson Fire Technologies Inc.
Ottawa ON
Canadian Housing Fire Statistics
Russell, Peter
Peter Russell & Associates
Gloucester ON
House Foundations and Structures for Permafrost Conditions
Tasker-Brown, Julie
Westmount QC
Residential Quadrants: A New Model for Sustainable Suburbs
Taylor, Andrew
Weinstein Taylor & Associates
Toronto ON
Boiler Piping Study
Thornton, Joshua
Flesherton ON
Material Properties of Straw Light Clay Infill Systems
Trainor, John
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Toronto ON
Housing Stability Validity Study
Vaillancourt, Yves
Université du Québec à Montréal
Montréal QC
Un chez-soi dans une communauté
Wellman, Tony
Ottawa ON
Disclosure Requirements in Mortgage Lending and Support to Borrowers in Obtaining the Best Mortgage Terms

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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