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October 2002 National News Archive


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Affordable Seniors' Housing in Regina

REGINA, Saskatchewan, October 10, 2002 — There is more affordable housing for seniors in Regina, thanks to an innovative funding arrangement involving the intergovernmental Centenary Affordable Housing Program and seniors themselves. Benson Manor, a $5 million, 50-unit seniors' project was officially opened today.

The Centenary Affordable Housing Program provided $2.75 million in government funding for the project-including $275,000 from the City of Regina under the auspices of the Canada-Saskatchewan Affordable Housing Program Agreement. The residents of Benson Manor provided the rest of the funding by investing equity from their former homes.

"Today's ceremony is a tangible demonstration of the significant support of the Government of Canada to ensure affordable housing for the people of Saskatchewan", Minister of Public Works and Government Services Ralph Goodale said, on behalf of Minister of Transport and Minister responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation David Collenette. "The recent affordable housing agreement reached with Saskatchewan is a key part of the Government of Canada's $680 million affordable housing commitment across Canada."

"The province has been working closely with communities over the past number of years to develop innovative, cost-effective housing solutions", Regina Elphinstone MLA Warren McCall said on behalf of Saskatchewan Social Services Minister Glenn Hagel. "Benson Manor is the latest in a series of housing projects tailored to address the unique needs of individual Saskatchewan communities. As we look forward to the province's Centenary in 2005, the recent establishment of the Centenary Affordable Housing Program will increase Saskatchewan residents' access to adequate, affordable housing."

"There is no question that the City's investment in this complex is a valuable one", Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco said. "The concept behind Benson Manor addresses a growing need in our community to provide affordable housing for older adults who want to live independently but no longer want the responsibilities of looking after a house. It also addresses recommendations made by the Mayor's Advisory Committee on Housing to enhance opportunities for affordable housing in our city."

Most of the provincial government funding for the Centenary Affordable Housing Program is from the Saskatchewan Centenary Fund. The fund was established to help accelerate social housing and a variety of other important capital projects leading up to the province's Centenary.

The Benson Manor facility will be able to accommodate the delivery of special services, such as meals, housekeeping, laundry and recreation, at the discretion of residents. This will translate into more independence and an enhanced quality of life for residents.

Finalized in June 2002, the Canada-Saskatchewan Affordable Housing Program Agreement will provide the Centenary Affordable Housing Program with $45.86 million over the next five years from federal, provincial and municipal levels of government and other sources to increase the supply of affordable housing in Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact:

Brian Miller
Saskatchewan Social Services
Phone: (306) 787-0531

Mary Ann Kenney
Phone: (403) 515-2903

Robert Bjerke
Housing Coordinator
Urban Planning Division
City of Regina
Phone: (306) 777-7533

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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