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First Integrated Hospice/Affordable Housing Opens

PORT MOODY, British Columbia, September 5, 2003 — The first development in Canada to integrate a hospice with affordable and supportive housing opened today in Port Moody. This unique partnership development combines secure, affordable housing for low- to moderate-income families and seniors who need some support services with a hospice centre for terminally ill people.

Inlet Centre combines contributions from the federal and provincial governments, under the Canada-British Columbia Affordable Housing Agreement, with financial support from the Fraser Health Authority, the City of Port Moody and Crossroads Hospice Society. Additional partners include the Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation, Inlet Seniors Housing Society, and the Women in Search of Housing Society.

"This project is a prime example of the Government of Canada working in partnership with the province, the City of Port Moody and a community based group to bring quality affordable housing to the people of British Columbia," said Secretary of State Steven Mahoney. "Successes like Port Moody’s Inlet Centre are key to developing strong communities, not just here in B.C., but throughout the country."

"This development will provide stability for a diverse community of people in need of affordable housing, including families, single women, and seniors who need some support services to continue living on their own," said Christy Clark, Deputy Premier and MLA for Port Moody-Westwood. "Inlet Centre shows what we can achieve through partnerships that bring multiple levels of government, the private sector and the non-profit community together."

The 96-unit development at 101-661 Noons Creek Drive combines 41 supportive housing units for seniors that offer meal and housekeeping services, a 10-bed hospice, 23 units for single women aged 40 and older, and 22 townhouses for families.

"Inlet Centre addresses local housing priorities by integrating a range of client groups on one site," said Kiichi Kumagai, chair of the Greater Vancouver Regional District Housing Committee. "We’ve worked closely with our team of sponsors to create a diverse and supportive community and are very grateful for everyone’s assistance with the development."

"We were pleased to provide the land for this innovative project, next to our new Town Centre, because a broad range of housing options is vital to creating a healthy community," said Port Moody Mayor Joe Trasolini.

Under the Canada-British Columbia Affordable Housing Agreement, the Government of Canada, through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, will contribute $88.7 million during the next five years towards affordable housing in this province. The provincial government, through BC Housing, will provide $29.7 million annually to subsidize the costs of units built under this agreement as part of a larger strategy to provide a range of housing options for vulnerable British Columbia residents.

Media Contacts

Gillian Day
BC Housing
(604) 439-4755

Lorraine Verokosky
(604) 737-4164
Perry Staniscia
Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation
(604) 432-6316

Backgrounder — Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation

The Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation (GVHC) is a non-profit subsidiary of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, and manages more than 3,600 affordable rental units in the Lower Mainland for more than 10,000 people with a mix of income levels. GVHC offers a range of housing including townhouses, apartments, single-family homes, and special needs housing. Rental rates are below average market rents, and some units are subsidized.

Development Facts

Location: 101-661 Noons Creek Drive, Port Moody
Number of units: 96

  • 41 independent housing units with support services for seniors. Some units are wheelchair accessible; the rest are adaptable to support "aging in place," if someone’s needs for personal care change as they age.
  • 23 housing units for single women aged 40 and older: 19 wheelchair-adaptable one-bedroom units and four wheelchair-accessible one- and two-bedroom units.
  • A 10-bed hospice to care for the special needs of terminally ill residents.
  • 22 townhouses for low- to moderate-income families including two two-bedroom units, 18 three-bedroom units and two four-bedroom units.

Inlet Centre is centrally located in downtown Port Moody, across the street from shopping and residential developments in the city’s new Town Centre. The development is also near the new City Hall complex, which includes a library and theatre adjacent to the city’s social and recreation centre. In addition, Eagle Ridge Hospital is next door to the development, giving hospice and seniors residents immediate access to medical support, when needed.

The site is terraced up a mountain slope, giving Inlet Centre residents views of Port Moody’s downtown area.

Partnership contributions

  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) contributed $4,032,000 toward capital costs.
  • The provincial government, through BC Housing, is providing $11.7 million in operating subsidies over the next 35 years to the Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation.
  • The Fraser Health Authority is funding operating costs for the hospice.
  • Crossroads Hospice Society fundraised $576,000 for hospice furniture and equipment such as lift systems and special baths, and manages the hospice.
  • The City of Port Moody has leased city land valued at $2 million to GVHC for 60 years at a 35 per cent discount, a $700,000 value.
  • The Inlet Seniors Housing Society manages the supportive seniors housing and raised funds for equipment in the common kitchen and dining room furnishings.
  • The Women in Search of Housing Society manages the housing for single mature women, provides referrals to community support services and arranges programs for residents such as grief counselling and skills training.
  • The Greater Vancouver Housing Corporation manages the family housing and common services such as landscaping, fire and elevator systems and parking areas.

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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