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2004 National Press Release Archive


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2004 National Archive


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If submitting personal information over the Internet concerns you, try our printer friendly mortgage application. Get Adobe Reader You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. Once filled out, fax the application to our toll free fax number listed on the form.
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Below is a tally of our most popular mortgage product inquiries made using our secure online application for Internet users in the province of Prince Edward Island.

Mortgage Type Inquiries
First-time Buyer20.67%
No Money Down13.33%
Last Tally: Apr 10 at 04:15:07
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Buying a home is an exciting time. Focus on getting exactly what you want in your home and let CanEquity handle the mortgage. Our promise is to find the best rates in Canada for your home loan, and ensure that you have the means to fulfill your dreams.
Home Mortgage
Today's Prime Rate
Prime, simply put, means "best". Prime is the interest rate banks provide to their top customers on loans. Prime rate is influenced by economic conditions. Other rates, including variable interest rate mortgages, are influenced by prime.

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We can refinance your mortgage and consolidate your debt at the same time.

Take advantage of our industry leading rates and considerably lower your monthly payments.

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Did you know that the average home loan in Orillia is: Discover more facts and statistics exclusively at CanEquity Mortgage.
Ontario Mortgage Statistics
Mortgage Brokers are Extremely Competitive
Mortgage brokers help keep levels of competition at banks high, and Canadians' mortgage rates low. Because a broker has access to mortgage products across the country, their rates are extremely competitive. Banks never manage to keep up, and today brokers offer rates that are on average 1.5% lower than the banks.
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