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Governments Announce $1.4 Million Housing Project in Prince Albert

PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan, March 4, 2004 — Affordable housing and conveniently-located child care for 32 low- to moderate-income families will become a reality thanks to a $1.4 million housing renovation project in Prince Albert.

The announcement was made today by the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance, Saskatchewan Community Resources and Employment Minister Joanne Crofford and Prince Albert Mayor Jim Stiglitz.

"This project is a clear example of the Government of Canada's commitment to working with local partners to implement innovative and effective ways of addressing housing needs in Prince Albert," Minister Goodale said. "We are proud to be a partner in this project."

"Adequate, accessible and affordable housing is a significant factor in ensuring all Saskatchewan people, regardless of differences in needs or circumstances, are included in the social and economic life of the province," Community Resources and Employment Minister Joanne Crofford said. "The provincial government is committed to ensuring its citizens have affordable housing that meets their needs."

"Prince Albert is eager to work with our provincial and federal partners to offer affordable housing to modest-income families in order to encourage independence and self-sufficiency among Saskatchewan citizens," Prince Albert Mayor Jim Stiglitz said.

"This project is an exciting opportunity for us to work with the West Flat community in rebuilding two of Prince Albert's more notorious apartment blocks," Manager at River Bank Development Corporation Brian Howell said. "At the end of the day, with the co-operation of three levels of government, we will have succeeded in creating safe and affordable housing for families."

Under the Centenary Affordable Housing Program (CAHP), River Bank Development Corporation of Prince Albert received the funding to acquire and renovate two 19-unit apartment buildings known as CedarBrook Apartments. Of the 38 units, 32 will be renovated and made available to low- to moderate-income families. Plans for the remaining units include development of a licensed childcare facility, office space and a resource room.

Funding for this project includes $716,000 from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, $573,000 from the provincial government through Saskatchewan Housing Corporation and $143,000 from the City of Prince Albert.

CAHP is funded under the Canada-Saskatchewan Affordable Housing Agreement. It provides $22.93 million in federal funding for affordable housing, matched by Saskatchewan, municipalities and other parties. With these matching contributions, a total of $45.9 million over five years will be available to develop up to 1,500 affordable housing units in Saskatchewan.

For more information, contact:

Jason Cobb
Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
Phone: (403) 515-2903

Jennifer Cardiff
City of Prince Albert
Prince Albert
Phone: (306) 953-4373

Janet Miller
Community Resources and Employment
Phone: (306) 787-0531

Brian Howell
River Bank Development Corporation
Prince Albert
Phone: (306) 763-7457

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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