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Apartment Units Being Upgraded in Thompson with Federal and Provincial Funding

THOMPSON, Manitba, March 12, 2004 — Three major upgrading projects will create 106 units of rehabilitated, affordable housing in Thompson thanks to over $964,000 in funding from the Governments of Canada and Manitoba under two programs: the Affordable Housing Initiative and the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP).

Rehabilitation funding under RRAP will bring the existing 30 to 35 year old apartment buildings up to basic health and safety standards with structural repairs and upgrades to the fire, health and safety components.

The announcement was made today by the Honourable Reg Alcock, President of the Treasury Board, and the Honourable Christine Melnick, Minister of Manitoba Family Services and Housing. The total project costs of $1,045,000 also include the project owner's contribution.

"The federal commitment, through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), for affordable housing projects, such as the three in Thompson, will ensure innovative and effective approaches to addressing housing needs throughout the province", said Minister Alcock. "Partnership projects benefit those in our society who need it most."

"Building on the successful project at Laval Place, once these latest projects are completed we will have improved over 140 units of affordable housing in Thompson", said Minister Melnick. "We are committed to the revitalization of the city through effective partnerships between Canada, Manitoba and local community groups. Across Manitoba, more than 2,200 units of affordable housing have been either constructed, rehabilitated or repaired in the past four years."

The three projects being supported through the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) or RRAP are:

  • 16 and 20 Cambridge Street and 52 and 56 Waterloo Avenue – $486,760 in AHI funding for rehabilitation and upgrades of 64 apartment units, creating 48, two-bedroom suites, eight, three-bedroom and eight, one-bedroom units;
  • 215 and 223 Cree Road – $286,911 from RRAP for the rehabilitation of an apartment building that has 16, two-bedroom suites and eight, one-bedroom units; and
  • 68 Goldeye Crescent – $191,000 in RRAP funding to rehabilitate an apartment that has 12, two-bedroom suites and six, one-bedroom units.

The project owners fund the balance of the costs.

"We are pleased to be part of this effective partnership", said Gary Lewis, President of the Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation. "The support announced today will create much-needed neighbourhood improvements and the projects funded were identified as a result of local residents collaborating on local needs."

The governments of Canada and Manitoba have each contributed $25.4 million to the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative to preserve and increase the stock of affordable housing in Manitoba. It is anticipated that contributions from municipalities, the private and voluntary sectors, co-operatives and charities will significantly increase the scope of this initiative in Manitoba.

Funding under the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative flows through provincially designed programs that support new rental housing and homeownership opportunities and the rehabilitation or conversion of existing housing. As well, $6 million will be dedicated to housing in remote areas.

CMHC and Manitoba Family Services and Housing are working co-operatively with the Thompson Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation to revitalize housing in the city.


John B. Thorpe
Communications Services Manitoba
(204) 945-6778

Jason Cobb,
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
(403) 515-2903

Housing Support Details:

Government of Canada

  • The Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) was signed in September 2002 and provides $50.8 million, over five years, to help preserve the supply of affordable rental units and increase new affordable housing available in the province. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), on behalf of the Government of Canada, has contributed $25.4 million, which is matched by the Province of Manitoba. It is anticipated the AHI will create 2,500 units over five years.

  • Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) helps low-income households and landlords make necessary repairs to bring their properties up to basic health and safety standards. The federal allocation for off and on-reserve RRAP and related programs for Manitoba is approximately $8.5 million. Off-reserve RRAP is cost-shared 75/25 per cent respectively by the federal government, through CMHC, and by the provincial government through Manitoba Family Services and Housing. Manitoba administers the program.

Government of Manitoba

  • Through the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative, Manitoba has committed $25.4 million to further increase support for the development of safe and affordable housing. Funding support under the New Rental Supply, New Homeownership Supply, Repair/Conversion and Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance programs is available to support housing proposals.

  • The Manitoba government has also committed close to $2 million annually to its share of federal renovation programs, including the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program and the Shelter Enhancement Program.

  • Neighbourhoods Alive! is a long-term development strategy that provides community groups in designated areas of Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson with the support they need for programs in the areas of housing and physical improvements, employment and training, education and recreation, and safety and crime prevention. The Manitoba government has committed $3.7 million to Neighbourhoods Alive! in the 2003 budget to develop local capacity, innovative training and provide a fund through which local neighbourhoods can implement their revitalization plans.

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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