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Get a little MorWEB Action with our new MorWEB training program

August 27, 2004 - Marlborough Stirling is pleased to announce to the mortgage broker industry the introduction of a comprehensive training program in support of our web-based MorWEB mortgage origination solution.

As Dave Nichol, Director, National Sales explains, "through this initiative, Marlborough Stirling is taking a proactive approach in ensuring our clients' experience is exceptional from the outset. All too often new technology is implemented with little or no training, which leads to frustration. Our goal is to ensure that clients can quickly adjust to the new environment and can make the most of the business efficiencies that can be realized through the effective use of technology."

All courses are prepared and delivered by specialists who know the system and understand training processes, and are provided free of charge to MorWEB clients as a standard implementation service. These courses can be customized and delivered at your site or at a location convenient to you, and are aimed at the following audiences:

MorWEB Users - a tailored program designed to ensure that MorWEB users get quickly up to speed and gain true benefit from product features by taking users from the basics of logging on and navigating within MorWEB to entering or underwriting applications and effectively managing documentation.

MorWEB Managers - shows management teams how to track where their business is coming from, how it is being processed within the organization and how to use features such as reports, document generation and third party databases to maximize efficiencies.

System Administrators - provides instructions on adding new users and products to MorWEB, updating product information, creating lender condition templates and running system reports.

Train the Trainer - facilitates client-run in-house training strategies by training key people in each area of the MorWEB curriculum, providing training materials and confirming their thorough knowledge of the product before in-house training begins.

Materials for all courses include training manuals, quick references and instructor guides. Each training session is structured into relevant sections with demonstrations, explanation and exercises.

A full list of courses and course outlines can be found under the Training link on the MorWEB website.

News source: Marlborough Stirling Canada


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