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New Affordable Homes Built in Northern Communities of Wabowden, Camperville and Duck Bay with Assistance from Federal and Provincial Governments

WABOWDEN, Manitoba, October 1st, 2004 — The first new homes in northern Manitoba funded under the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) will be built soon, the Honourable Joe Fontana, Minister of Labour and Housing, and Christine Melnick, Minister of Manitoba Family Services and Housing announced today.

There are 10 homes being constructed, four new houses on Mulholland Street and Lakeside Street in Wabowden, and three new homes each in Camperville and Duck Bay, on vacant lots owned by Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation. The projects will utilize unique construction techniques that better meet the challenges of the northern climate.

When completed, the homes will be available for rent to low and moderate-incomes families or for sale to eligible buyers. The projects are being supported with more than $550,000 in funding from the governments of Canada and Manitoba under the federal/provincial agreement, with total project costs of $1.5 million. The balance of the costs, $950,000, is being financed through the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, a crown corporation of the province of Manitoba.

"These homes demonstrate another unified effort between governments and the community to address housing needs for people of this region," said Minister Fontana. "Through the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative, the Government of Canada is working alongside the community and partners to provide the citizens of northern Manitoba with safe, affordable accommodations."

"It is a priority to create more affordable housing in northern and remote communities in Manitoba, as this is one of the most critical areas of community need," said Minister Melnick. "These projects also support our Northern Housing and Northern Development Strategies, which are long-term plans created with key northern and Aboriginal organizations, to address the unique needs of the north."

All of the new homes will feature panelized housing technology, which has demonstrated benefits over traditional building methods and allows for ease of construction, energy efficiency, durability and improved mould resistance. This technology was used as part of an innovative project called the northern model house, located in Thompson, designed and built in partnership with northern communities, northern organizations, the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, the City of Thompson and Manitoba Hydro. The technology used in the northern model house proved to be quicker to assemble, the house design offered improved accessibility for people with disabilities and exceeded Power Smart R2000 standards.

The governments of Canada and Manitoba have each contributed $25.4 million to the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative to increase the supply of affordable housing in Manitoba. Three million dollar of this agreement is dedicated exclusively to housing in northern, remote areas of Manitoba. Since the initiative was signed, $24.6 million dollars of funding has been committed to help build 1837 units of affordable housing across the province. Contributions from municipalities, the private and voluntary sectors, co-operatives and charities significantly increase the scope of this initiative in Manitoba.

Funding under the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative flows through provincially designed programs that support new rental housing and homeownership opportunities and the rehabilitation or conversion of existing housing.


John B. Thorpe
Communications Services Manitoba
(204) 945-6778

Jason Cobb,
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
(403) 515-2903

Housing Support Details:

Government of Canada

  • The Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI) was signed in September 2002 and provides $50.8 million, over five years, to help increase the supply of affordable rental units and new housing available in the province. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), on behalf of the Government of Canada, has contributed $25.4 million, which is matched by the Province of Manitoba. It is anticipated the AHI will create up to 2,500 units over five years.

Government of Manitoba

  • Through the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative, Manitoba has committed $25.4 million to further increase support for the development of safe and affordable housing. Funding support under the New Rental Supply, New Homeownership Supply, Repair/Conversion and Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance programs is available to support housing proposals.
  • Neighbourhoods Alive! is a long-term development strategy that provides community groups in designated areas of Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson with the support they need for programs in the areas of housing and physical improvements, employment and training, education and recreation, and safety and crime prevention. The Manitoba government has committed (this figure will have to be confirmed by someone in Intergovernmental Affairs such as Jon Gunn) $3.7 million to Neighbourhoods Alive! in the 2004 budget to develop local capacity, innovative training and provide a fund through which local neighbourhoods can implement their revitalization plans.

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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