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Microsoft Canada chooses CanEquity Mortgage for Home Magazine

CALGARY, Alberta, January 5, 2004 — Microsoft Home Magazine made a major change this month in its Finance section. CanEquity Mortgage has been added as the online financing site of choice for Canadians looking for mortgages in Canada. This decision may have no doubt been due to the fact that the websites CanEquity Mortgage Services owns and operates are that of the highest caliber for searching information, applying for financing and reading information pertaining to mortgages and the products available to all Canadians. Microsoft Home Magazine is a high volume, high traffic directory that will give CanEquity Mortgage Services the attention that it deserves.

Microsoft Home Magazine

No matter where you look today, technology influences your home life. Whether it's organizing household finances or sharing your latest trip photos with relatives, computers can make a difference in the way you're able to perform daily tasks and communicate with family and friends.

Microsoft Canada created Microsoft Home Magazine to show you how to do new things and simplify everyday tasks with your computer. It is a place where you and your family will find home computing articles and tips—from design and décor to computer crafts to surfing the Web—in one place.

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