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Inauguration of La Bourgade de Donnacona

24 New Units for Seniors in Donnacona

DONNACONA, Québec, 15 October, 2004 — Seniors in Donnacona now have more affordable housing options since the construction of La Bourgade de Donnacona, a complex of 24 new units for less-independent seniors, thanks to an investment of $2.3 million.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at this residence was held this afternoon and was announced by the Honourable Jean-C. Lapierre, Minister of Transport, and Prime Minister Martin's Québec lieutenant, on behalf of the Honourable Joseph Fontana, Minister of Labour and Housing; and the MNA for Portneuf, Mr. Jean-Pierre Soucy, on behalf of the Minister of Affaires municipales, du Sport et du Loisir, Mr. Jean-Marc Fournier. Attending the ceremony were the MNA for Portneuf, Mr. Jean-Pierre Soucy; the mayor of Donnacona, Mr. André Marcoux; and the president of the organization, Mr. Georges Cantin.

"The government of Canada is pleased to work with the government of Quebec, the municipality and community representatives to meet the needs of seniors in the region," said Minister Lapierre. "Once again we are demonstrating that with goodwill and mutual understanding we can succeed in providing quality, affordable homes for seniors, in a healthy environment."

La Bourgade de Donnacona required more than $2.3 million in investments and was built with the participation of public, community and private partners. The financial contributions for this project, totalling $1,638,344, were paid under the Affordable Housing agreement. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provided 50 per cent of the funds, with another 50 per cent from the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ) and the community, including a contribution of more than $275,000 from the City of Donnacona. The other costs were assumed by the organization using a mortgage loan guaranteed by the SHQ.

"The construction of the 24 units at La Bourgade de Donnacona is concrete action taken by the community to provide seniors with access to appropriate housing while still living in their community. Furthermore, this residence is an excellent example of a fruitful partnership between governments, the municipality and the community," said Mr. Soucy.

Eleven of the households in the residence may receive a rent subsidy, which provides financial assistance for individuals with low incomes who, without this additional support, would have to spend more than 25 per cent of their income on housing.

This project is part of a Quebec government initiative to build 16,000 units of social, community and private housing for low- or moderate-income families. This initiative is supported by federal funding made available under social housing agreements.

A social housing agreement was reached between CMHC and SHQ, providing a total contribution of $323.3 million to increase the availability of affordable housing in Quebec. The federal government contributed $161.65 million, the government of Quebec contributed $104 million and the municipalities participating in the program provided $57 million.


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