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2005 National Press Release Archive


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2005 National Archive


Home Mortgage
Apply By Fax
If submitting personal information over the Internet concerns you, try our printer friendly mortgage application. Get Adobe Reader You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. Once filled out, fax the application to our toll free fax number listed on the form.
Apply by Fax
Learn to cut years of your Canada mortgage
Mortgage Renewals
Have you received your mortgage renewal in the mail? Don't just sign the form and send it back to the lender. Over 70% of mortgage holders do just that, and what is the usual result - a higher mortgage rate and a product that might not be best suited to their needs. Choose CanEquity for the best rate mortgage renewal in Canada.

Mortgage renewal form

Best Rate Renewal Inquiry
Best Rates Countrywide
CanEquity takes every effort to ensure that the best rates we advertise on our website are available to Canadians everywhere. Coast to coast, CanEquity is Canada's best provider of low rate mortgages with flexible options.
Best Rates Countrywide
Mortgage Calculator
A mortgage calculator will help you find out how much you can afford. You may be closer than you think to buying your dream home. Want to find out how close? Click the link to our mortgage calculator and you'll quickly see.
Mortgage Calculator
Home Mortgage
Buying a home is an exciting time. Focus on getting exactly what you want in your home and let CanEquity handle the mortgage. Our promise is to find the best rates in Canada for your home loan, and ensure that you have the means to fulfill your dreams.
Home Mortgage
Office Building Mortgages
Procure the commercial financing for your office, professional or medical building from the best mortgage team in Canada. CanEquity offers the guidance and tenacity that ensures your office building is funded with the best product available to you.
Office Building