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$2 Million Allocated for Affordable Housing in Guelph

GUELPH, Ontario, May 16, 2005 — The Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario, the County of Wellington and the City of Guelph held a tree planting ceremony today to mark the start of construction of 84 units of affordable housing in three buildings aimed at lower-income individuals, seniors, and families.

The Honourable Brenda Chamberlain, Member of Parliament for Guelph, on behalf of the Honourable Joe Fontana, Minister of Labour and Housing, Liz Sandals, Member of Provincial Parliament, Guelph-Wellington, on behalf of David Caplan, Ontario's Minister of Public Infrastructure Renewal; Warden Brad Whitcombe, County of Wellington, and Guelph Mayor Kate Quarrie made the announcement today.

The three projects, totalling $9.6 million, will include $2 million from the Canada/Ontario Affordable Housing Program. It will provide for 33 units at 747 Paisley Road sponsored by Guelph Non-Profit Housing Corporation; seven units at 32 Gordon Street sponsored by Guelph Unit 344 of the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada; and 44 units at 371 Waterloo Avenue, sponsored by 805395 Ontario Limited.

"Thanks to co-operative efforts between the various levels of government and the local partners in Guelph and the County of Wellington, these three projects are becoming a reality," said MP Chamberlain. "Shelter is one of the foundations upon which healthy communities and individual dignity are built. The Government of Canada is committed to helping local organizations develop housing and homelessness solutions that meet the needs of their community."

"The McGuinty government realizes that we all share a need for safe, appropriate housing and the best way to meet this need is through partnerships between all levels of government," said MPP Sandals. "This government is committed to continuing to work together to help ensure that every resident of the County who needs it has an affordable place to call home."

"It is all levels of governments working together that make such a wonderful event like today become a reality," said Mayor Kate Quarrie. "These new affordable units will continue to make Guelph a 'Great Place to Call Home.'"

"Affordable Housing Projects are an important start to addressing the more than 7,900 households in Wellington and Guelph that earn less than $25,000 annually," said Warden Whitcombe. "The County is pleased to be able to join with the City of Guelph and the upper levels of government to help make these projects happen."

Today's federal and provincial allocation will be complemented by more than $1.5 million in municipal financial incentives.

In the County of Wellington, the Government of Canada, through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), has contributed $2.1 million through the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program Agreement.

The project is part of a multi-year commitment that will create affordable housing units under the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Agreement. The new agreement, recently signed by the federal and provincial governments, provides a total of $734 million in funding to be spent by 2010. This investment is being shared by the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario and municipalities. The projects are a part of the pilot projects phase of the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

For further information please contact:

Peter Graham
Office of Minister Fontana
(613) 953-5646

Wilson Lee
Office of Minister Caplan
(416) 325-8735

Kim Warner
Administrator of Social Services
County of Wellington
(519) 837-2670 extension 354

For more information visit:

Seven units will be built at 32 Gordon Street

Seven units will be built at 32 Gordon Street — sponsored by
Guelph Unit 344 of the Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada.

Fourty-four (44) units will be built at 371 Waterloo Avenue

Fourty-four (44) units will be built at 371 Waterloo Avenue — sponsored
by 805395 Ontario Limited.

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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