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MorWEB generates positive feedback from Canadian mortgage brokers

June 2, 2005 - Across Canada mortgage brokers are discovering the advantages of MorWEB and the response continues to be very positive, once again confirming the benefits of Marlborough Stirling’s broker-focused mortgage origination technology.

Dave Nichol, Vice President and General Manager, Mortgage Services, says: "At a time when the number of subscribers to our UK portal services has reached a record high of over 21,000 users, we are encouraged with the response we’ve received and the positive effect we are having on our clients’ business. The bottom line is that it works, and it works well, which is confirmed by our growing list of satisfied customers. We let our clients do the talking; please read on and see for yourself what people are saying about MorWEB."

Gerry Bray with Mortgage Connection in Calgary says: "We've been using MorWEB since January and are very impressed with the flow of the application. Obviously ease of use was at the forefront in development. The other great thing is the auto-population of the credit bureau data to the application. Outstanding! There is a section that allows me to flip clients from applicant to guarantor and back without re-entering any data. This feature works great when CMHC wants the co-applicant moved to a primary applicant. MorWEB allows you to do this without having to pull another bureau. I would recommend MorWEB to anyone looking for a great web based system!"


Diane Adolphe from CanEquity Mortgage adds: "We have been using MorWEB since September 2004 and love it; I was quite surprised to see how many lenders were already live on the system. Training and follow up service was more than I expected. Being a true web-based system, I am able to do deals at a client’s house and check deals when I am on the road. I was quite impressed from the start with the functionality and reliability of MorWEB. I would recommend MorWEB to anyone in the mortgage industry." While recently on a trip to New York and Boston, Anthony DeAlmeida , President of CanEquity, says that he was able to "conduct business as usual by taking advantage of the web-based MorWEB technology, without missing a beat."

Kendall Raessler of Source Mortgage Centre Corp says: "Since September 2004 we have been sending live deals and absolutely love it! From the beginning of the application to follow-up and completion, it’s a breeze the way we are able control all our deals. MorWEB helps us maintain and update current applications and allows us to effectively manage our time and organize our database. Our turnaround time has increased dramatically because lenders have the ability to respond quickly in anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 hours. Now that’s what I call service! I estimate that MorWEB has increased the efficiency of my office by 30% to 35% and we expect more savings when all lenders are live."

Not only is the system’s functionality being applauded, but the support from Marlborough Stirling is also receiving rave reviews:

Wendy Whiting from Global Mortgage Corp comments: "The team at Marlborough Stirling provide excellent customer service. Their attention to detail, their fast, friendly and personal service has been greatly appreciated through this learning period. We anticipate a seamless transition to the MorWEB system."

Joe Malek at Mortgage Network London Inc adds: "I would like to thank you and all of your hard working colleagues at MorWEB for the superb customer service, which made my transition to MorWEB a breeze. Please let everyone at Marlborough Stirling know that their job is greatly appreciated."

To learn more about MorWEB, or to arrange for a demo, please contact one of the following Marlborough Stirling representatives:

For brokers in Ontario and Eastern Canada:
Scott Baldwin
Regional Director, Eastern Canada, Mortgage Services
Tel: 416-697-3698

For brokers in BC and the Territories:
Mike Ashe
Regional Director, BC, Mortgage Services
Tel: 778-228-7784

For brokers in Alberta and the Prairies:
Shawn Wilson
Regional Director, Prairies, Mortgage Services
Tel: 403-288-5678

For MorWEB lender connectivity information:
Stephen Bainbridge
National Director, Mortgage Services
Tel: 416-587-7899

News source: Marlborough Stirling Canada


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