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Marlborough Stirling mortgage broker contract introduces new flexibility to the marketplace for clients

July 18, 2005 – In bringing competition to the mortgage broker market for origination and client management technology, Marlborough Stirling Canada remains committed to providing broker clients with first-rate service and a contract that doesn’t limit your ability to use the technology of your choice.

Dave Nichol, Vice President and General Manager, Mortgage Services explains: "to set the record straight, the contract that MorWEB brokers are asked to execute does not contain a clause that prevents the brokerage house from using a competing technology. We allow brokerage firms the freedom to use competing systems, in addition to MorWEB, in whatever manner best supports their business growth without any restrictions whatsoever."

Stewart Eadie, Vice President, Marketing and Products, Mortgage Services, says: "while we fully recommend that firms use a single database for management purposes, we certainly do not restrict our clients from using multiple systems when they feel it is necessary for the success of their business."

"In an era when technology can change so quickly," comments Steve Bainbridge, National Director, Mortgage Services, "we believe that it is not in the best interests of the broker community to sign exclusive contracts that would prevent them from making a decision to use a competing system somewhere down the road. We urge all brokers not to limit their freedom by signing any contract that demands exclusivity."

Dave Nichol adds: "we feel strongly that only through competition can the broker market be fully served to the level it deserves. We are determined to earn your business each and every day by providing the highest quality service and the best technology available, along with the power of choice."

"We view our clients as long term partners for success," adds Bill Pitkin, Marlborough Stirling Canada President and CEO. "Our aim is to make our technology available through the broadest possible means so that our clients can directly benefit from our philosophy of promoting interconnectivity across the industry. By creating technologies based on international standards we are making it easier than experienced to date in the industry for clients to benefit from the inherent flexibility of our systems to integrate with other suppliers as they choose. We are all about providing options and capabilities, eliminating restrictions and roadblocks to productivity."

For more information:

Steve Bainbridge
National Director, Mortgage Services
Marlborough Stirling Canada
(T) 416-587-7899

News source: Marlborough Stirling Canada


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