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Financial Assistance Available from CMHC for Housing Repair

TORONTO, Ontario, June 20, 2005 — The Honourable Joe Fontana, Minister of Labour and Housing, announced today that Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is opening a call for applications for renovation of rental or rooming house properties and shelters for victims of family violence in Ontario. The deadline for applications is July 29.

Last year, CMHC funded the renovation of 3,634 Ontario housing units under its renovation programs including the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP). Developed to help low-income Canadians, people with disabilities, and First Nations people to live in safe, affordable homes, RRAP has helped communities preserve affordable housing stock since 1973.

"The Government of Canada through CMHC is working to ensure Canadians have adequate, safe and affordable housing. People want to feel secure in their homes, and with RRAP we help ensure that their homes meet basic health and safety standards," said Minister Fontana.

The Rental and Rooming House RRAP and RRAP Conversion provide landlords with financial assistance to repair a rental or rooming house property to a minimum level of health and safety, or to convert non-residential properties into affordable rental or rooming house accommodation. The tenants of the dwellings must be low income. Under Rental and Rooming RRAP, landlords with low-income tenants (or property owners under RRAP Conversion) may receive up to $24,000 for each self-contained rental unit or $16,000 for each rooming house bed unit.

As a new component of Rental RRAP for 2005, funds are available to assist in the creation of affordable, self-contained secondary suites or garden suites for low-income seniors or low-income adults with disabilities. Homeowners and private entrepreneurs owning residential properties in Ontario can apply for funding. Eligibility is limited to existing family housing residential properties. New standards have also been introduced that will allow repair work to include energy-saving renovations and retrofits that improve the energy performance of housing units assisted through the program.

CMHC's Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP) provides funding to repair or rehabilitate existing shelters for victims of family violence, and in acquiring or building new shelters and second-stage housing where needed.

Proposals are currently being accepted, and must be received no later than July 29, 2005 by 4:30 p.m. EST. For more information about the program or to obtain an application, visit [We apologize for the inconvenience but the page you requested cannot be found.], call 1-800-704-6488 or via e-mail at

CMHC is Canada's national housing agency with a mandate to help Canadians gain access to safe, quality and affordable housing. CMHC supports the Canadian housing industry and improves the living conditions of Canadians through its activities in mortgage loan insurance and securitization, assisted housing, research and information transfer and the promotion of Canadian housing exports.

For further information, please contact:

Angelina Ritacco
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

CMHC Renovation Programs

Since 1973, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) has helped Canadian communities preserve the affordable housing stock, fight urban decay and homelessness, and improve the lives of Canadians. Targetted at low-income households, funding for the RRAP suite of programs across Canada was extended in 2003 by $384 million over three years. The 2004 Speech from the Throne and the 2005 federal budget committed to extending and enhancing existing programs such as RRAP.

The Ontario 2005/2006 allocations are approximately $11.8 million for Rental, Rooming House and Conversion under CMHC's Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) and approximately $3.4 million for its Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP).

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Programs:

Rental and Rooming Houses: offer financial assistance to owners of rental or rooming house units which are substandard, in order to rehabilitate the property to a minimum level of health and safety. Recent enhancements to the Rental RRAP program will further permit the creation of secondary suites and garden suites for low-income seniors and adults with disabilities.

Conversion: offers financial assistance to convert non-residential properties into affordable self-contained rental housing units and/or bed units.

Persons with Disabilities: offers financial assistance to allow homeowners and landlords to modify their dwellings so that they are more accessible to persons with disabilities.

Homeowner: offers financial assistance to low-income homeowners to repair their homes. The program is aimed at people who live in substandard dwellings and cannot afford repairs necessary to make their homes safe and healthy.

Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP): This program provides funding to organizations that provide housing services to victims of family violence. Funding under SEP may be used to repair or rehabilitate existing shelters or transitional housing, or it may be used to create new shelters or transitional housing, provided a source of operating funding is available.

Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence (HASI): provides financial assistance to homeowners and landlords for home adaptations to extend the time that low-income seniors can live in their own home independently. The assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan, up to $3,500, to cover the cost of minor home adaptations.

Emergency Repair Program (ERP): assists low-income homeowners or occupants in rural areas to undertake emergency repairs required for the continued safe occupancy of their houses.

Applications for the Homeowner RRAP, RRAP for Persons with Disabilities, RRAP for Secondary Suites, HASI and ERP can be submitted at any time.

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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