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New Affordable Housing Units for Dauphin

DAUPHIN, Manitoba, September 20, 2005 - Low to moderate income seniors in the Dauphin area will soon benefit from the construction of an affordable housing project that also includes an assisted living component. Twenty-three units of this 27-unit apartment development were built with the help of $450,000 in funding from the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative (AHI).

Reg Alcock, Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board, President of the Treasury Board and MP for Winnipeg South, on behalf of the Honourable Joe Fontana, Minister of Labour and Housing; and the Honourable Stan Struthers, Minister of Manitoba Conservation, on behalf of the Honourable Christine Melnick, Minister of Manitoba Family Services and Housing, and Minister responsible for the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, made the announcement today. Total costs for the development of the project are estimated at $3.8 million.

"Affordable and suitable housing is a key component of healthy, successful communities, particularly for our senior citizens," said Minister Alcock. "As this project opens its doors in Dauphin, local seniors will be able to remain close to their friends and families. The Government of Canada is pleased to be able to contribute to this worthy project. "

"This community designed project, supported through the Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Initiative, has created much-needed new, assisted living apartment units in Dauphin and helps ensure a supply of reasonably-priced housing for low- and moderate-income seniors," said Minister Struthers. "We are grateful for the hard work of all the people connected to Parkland Assisted Housing in bringing this plan to completion."

The new project was created and designed by a community group, Parkland Assisted Living Inc., and is located on property at 405 — 6th Avenue in Dauphin. The City of Dauphin is also supporting the project. The 27 new apartments include seven studio units, 17 one-bedroom units and three two-bedroom units.

Rents for the new apartments are considered affordable as they will be below the median market rent level for rural Manitoba. It is expected the project will be fully occupied by October.

"We are pleased to have partnered with the governments of Canada and Manitoba and the City of Dauphin on the new apartment complex," said Larry Love Parkland Assisted Living Inc. "We would also like to acknowledge the significant financial support of Ray and Lorna Dennison, which really made this important project possible."

The governments of Canada and Manitoba will each contribute $36.9 million to the Affordable Housing Initiative, demonstrating their commitment to increasing the supply of affordable housing in Manitoba. It is anticipated that contributions from municipalities, the private and voluntary sectors, co-operatives and charities will significantly increase the size of this initiative in Manitoba.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Cobb,
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
(403) 515-2903

John B. Thorpe
Communications Services
(204) 945-6778

Canada-Manitoba Affordable Housing Agreement

First Phase

The governments of Canada and Manitoba signed the Affordable Housing Initiative in 2002. The first phase provided federal funding of $25.39 million with matching contributions of $25.39 million from the Province of Manitoba and community-based housing partners. This agreement provides funding for a new rental housing-supply program, a rehabilitation/conversion program, a new homebuyer down-payment program and a home ownership-supply program.

Second Phase

The second phase increased the total investment by $23.08 million by 2008. This is equally shared by Canada and Manitoba for:

As well, federal assistance is increased to 50 per cent of capital costs to a maximum of $75,000 per unit. The units are expected to remain affordable and be occupied by low-income households for a minimum of 10 years. Phase II is targeted to people on or eligible to be on a social-housing waiting list.

Other Government of Canada Housing Support in Manitoba

The Government of Canada annually supports housing with approximately $126.5 million in grants, contributions and subsidies which primarily serve some 42,850 lower-income families, seniors, persons with disabilities, Aboriginal people and victims of domestic violence.

This includes funds for renovations under the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP), Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence (HASI), Emergency Repair Program (ERP) and the Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP).

Other Government of Manitoba Housing Support Programs

The Government of Manitoba offers programs to help lower-income households maintain buy or rent safe, adequate and affordable housing. The province provides annual grants and subsidies through the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation for non-profit and co-operative housing organizations to help develop project proposals for affordable housing for seniors, persons with disabilities and persons with low incomes. It supports the provision of private-sector financing for affordable housing projects developed and delivered by non-profit organizations and also provides grants and loans for home repairs.

The Affordable Housing Initiative complements existing renovation and repair programs including the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP). Manitoba cost-shares RRAP, the Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence Program, the Emergency Repair Program and the Shelter Enhancement Program with the federal government. The Manitoba government delivers the federal/provincial cost-shared programs as well as the provincially funded Homeowner Emergency Loan Program.