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Interest Advantage Mortgage chooses MorWEB

April 20, 2006 - Marlborough Stirling Canada (MSC) is pleased to announce that Interest Advantage Mortgage Ltd has become one of the latest brokerage firms to select MSC's MorWEB as its mortgage origination and customer management solution.

Heather Wood, President of Interest Advantage Mortgage, says: "As an independent mortgage broker, I want to be in control of all aspects of my business. One of the greatest benefits of MorWEB is the degree that it can be easily configured to best suit my needs. We are no longer dependent on our service provider to accomplish tasks such as setting up accounts, web applications and Equifax information. Now we can do much of this by ourselves, which puts a lot more control back into our hands. And when we do require assistance, Marlborough Stirling Canada is there for us, responding quickly and effectively."

Mike Ashe, Regional Director for MorWEB in BC, adds: "We offer one on one training right at the client’s site, which helps them to quickly learn the system and become productive in a very short time. It also allows us to gain firsthand knowledge of the client’s way of doing business. We can then offer suggestions on the specific areas that MorWEB can offer the greatest business benefits, and show our clients how they can control their own business direction without being limited by a dependence on us for system configuration."

"MorWEB offers me the freedom to manage my business the way I want," says Heather Wood. "Rather than having to adapt what I do to fit the technology, MorWEB lets me be in control of my organization. It is a superior technology and a better way to move forward. This is something I think other brokers need to realize, and is something I continue to tell my lenders. The time is now for brokers to assert control of their business systems and embrace what MorWEB has to offer."

Dave Nichol, Director, MorWEB Sales says: "In designing MorWEB, we started with an extensive focus group program across Canada and followed up with additional sessions once the prototype was built. By listening in this way, we’ve ensured that MorWEB truly addresses the concerns raised by users, in particular, the flow of the application, ease of use, and the ability to control several aspects of the technology. For example, MorWEB allows the addition and deletion of users by the broker themselves. This is not only a great time saver, but reduces a broker’s dependency on their technology supplier and gives them greater control of their business."

Dave Nichol adds: "We are grateful for the support of independent brokers like Heather Wood and Interest Advantage Mortgage Ltd who take the time as business professionals to review their options. In this way they can see for themselves the advantages of a user focused system to make an educated choice. We are thankful for their business and are committed to ensuring MorWEB meets their requirements."

About Interest Advantage Mortgage Ltd

For information about Interest Advantage Mortgage Ltd see:

Heather Wood
Interest Advantage Mortgage Ltd
(T): 604-939-7283

About Marlborough Stirling Canada

Marlborough Stirling Canada (MSC) is a technology services provider to the Canadian mortgage industry. MSC offers a complete range of hosted and licensed software solutions capable of achieving seamless straight through processing of mortgage business from initial customer inquiry to final loan discharge. MSC's solutions include MorWEB (origination system for brokers and lender sales forces), Omiga (underwriting, fulfillment and funding), and Optimus (mortgage servicing).

For information on MorWEB:

Mike Ashe
Regional Director, BC
(T) 778-228-7784

David P. Nichol
Director, MorWEB Sales
(T) 416-801-8144

Scott Baldwin
Regional Director, Eastern Canada
(T) 416-697-3698
Shawn Wilson
Regional Director, Prairies
(T) 403-589-6068

For information on MorWEB lender connectivity:

Stewart Eadie
Vice President, ASP Accounts
(T): 416-620-2692

News source: Marlborough Stirling Canada


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