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CanEquity Launches Comprehensive Mortgage Statistics Site

CALGARY, Alberta, August 31, 2006 — CanEquity Mortgage has just announced the release of their comprehensive mortgage statistics to the public, viewable online.

CanEquity's Canadian Mortgage Statistics site contains summarized, comparative information on topics such as application origination, product popularity, peak hours, days, and months, residential and marital stats, average incomes, demographics, and average loans; all of this information is viewable by city, province, or nation. CanEquity has compiled information on over 1100 cities in total, and is continually adding more.

"CanEquity has launched this new site [Canadian Mortgage Statistics] for educational and informational purposes. Everything that would personally identify a single person has been removed." says Daryl Maksymec, CanEquity Mortgage. "This is a breakthrough in the mortgage industry. No one [mortgage company] has ever released their statistics quite like we have. I hope that people find this useful and informative, and helps the mortgage brokerage industry in general. "

Canadian Mortgage Statistics can be viewed at along with a complete list of cities and provinces.

Below are some examples of provincial statistics

About CanEquity Mortgage

The Canadian Equity Group Inc. (CEG) works closely together with major lenders in Canada not only finding the best overall products, but also developing new and innovative products for the consumer market. As a national company, they have the privilege of making these products available to the entire country. This gives The Canadian Equity Group great pride in knowing they are capable of not only influencing the mortgage industry in Canada, but also making sure that more products and services are available in the future. To learn more about CanEquity, please visit their nationally acclaimed website,

News source: The Canadian Equity Group (CEG)


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