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September 2006 National News Archive


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Affordable Rental Housing Project Approved for North Battleford

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan, September 12, 2006 — An affordable rental housing project for families and vulnerable youth has been approved for the Nationswest Housing Corporation in North Battleford under the Centenary Affordable Housing Program (CAHP) Non Profit Rental Option.

The proposed project is for the acquisition and renovation of four apartment buildings in North Battleford. A total of 89 affordable rental housing suites will be made available. Nationswest Housing Corporation is a non-profit corporation established by the Battlefords Tribal Council in partnership with the City of North Battleford.

“A home of one’s own provides an important foundation for a family,” said Gerry Ritz, Member of Parliament for Battlefords – Lloydminster, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Canada. “Canada’s new Government is making sure families have what they need to build a successful future and this initiative will build a bright future for families in North Battleford.”

“This project has truly brought together all levels of government to meet this community’s specific housing needs,” said Community Resources Minister Buckley Belanger. “Today’s announcement goes way beyond a dollar figure. This is a good example of what HomeFirst, the province’s housing strategy, is all about. It’s about building a lasting, sustainable community and allowing low-income households to pursue a happy, healthy and prosperous future.”

“We are very pleased with the cooperation and support we have received from the City of North Battleford and the Town of Battleford,” said Chief Pauline Okemow. “We have also been extremely impressed by the constructive support provided by senior staff at the Saskatoon office of the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation and Minister Buckley Belanger.”

“Society has the social and moral obligation to support initiatives that would assist individuals to achieve the opportunity to live in dignity, thus I support the opportunity to provide affordable housing accommodation for our residents,” Mayor Julian Sadlowski said.

The apartment buildings are located at 1922, 1942 and 1952 St. Laurent Drive and 10809 Diefenbaker Drive in North Battleford.

The total capital cost estimated for the 89-unit housing project is $2,843,000 or $31,950 per unit. Under CAHP, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is contributing $1,201,500; the provincial government $961,200; the City of North Battleford $240,300 with the balance of the funding being provided by Nationswest Housing Corporation in the form of mortgage financing of approximately $140,000 and sponsor equity of $300,000. The total capital cost estimated for the 89-unit housing project is approximately $2,843,000 or $31,950 per unit. A further $267,000 ($3,000 per unit for 89 units) will be invested by Nationswest Housing Corporation in upgrading the buildings over the next three years.

CAHP is part of HomeFirst, the Government of Saskatchewan’s five-year housing strategy that contributes to the long-term vision that all citizens have homes that promote health, independence, security and dignity.

For more information contact:

Kimberlee Jones
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Linda Saliken
Community Resources

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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