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December 2006 National News Archive


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New Affordable Housing in Charlottetown

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, December 20, 2006 — Two new housing projects will be developed in Charlottetown to provide affordable supportive housing for individuals, including persons with intellectual disabilities.

Rob Moore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and Member of Parliament for Fundy Royal, on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, along with the Honourable Chester Gillan, Prince Edward Island Minister of Social Services and Seniors, announced the new affordable housing projects today.

“Canada’s New Government is committed to building thriving communities that include affordable and supportive housing projects like the ones we’re announcing today,” said Parliamentary Secretary Rob Moore. “These projects will not only provide quality, affordable housing for residents of Charlottetown with disabilities, but they will provide access to the transitional and supportive services individuals need to continue to make a positive difference in the community.”

"Today we are announcing that 11 individuals will have affordable housing within their own community with accommodations in place to address their safety and care," said Minister Gillan. “I commend the Queens County Residential Services Inc. board, parents of Life Bridge Inc., staff and volunteers for their important partnership role in these affordable housing projects."

Life Bridge Inc., located on Beach Grove Road in Charlottetown, will provide six one-bedroom units for adults with intellectual disabilities. Queens County Residential Services Inc., located in the Hillsborough Village in Charlottetown, will provide an additional five units for individuals who require a moderate level of support. Both projects will provide rents at affordable levels for a minimum period of 10 years.

Under the Canada – P.E.I. Affordable Housing Program Agreement, Life Bridge Inc. will receive $330,000. Service Canada will provide $231,300 through the Canada – PEI Labour Market Development Agreement, co-managed with the PEI Department of Development and Technology. An additional $135,000 will be provided through the Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative, under the National Homelessness initiative. Mortgage loan insurance will also be provided by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

Queens County Residential Services Inc. will receive $220,906 through the Supporting Community Partnerships Initiative under the National Homelessness Initiative. An additional $160,000 will be provided under the Canada – P.E.I. Affordable Housing Program Agreement. The balance of funding will be provided by Queens County Residential Services.

The Canada – Prince Edward Island Affordable Housing Program Agreement involves an investment of $8.32 million in the creation of affordable housing units in Prince Edward Island. To date, 112 units have been supported by the Canada – PEI Affordable Housing Agreement in rural and urban communities across PEI.

The Government of Canada’s National Homeless Initiative has invested $3,835,619 since 1999 to alleviate homelessness in Prince Edward Island. The Supporting Community Partnerships Initiative is a community-based approach to providing solutions to addressing the needs of those at risk of homelessness including transitional and supportive housing projects.

The Department of Social Services and Seniors delivers services that touch the lives of nearly every Islander. Staffs work with other levels of government and community‑based organizations to assist children, youth and families, seniors, persons with disabilities, and those in need of employment supports, financial assistance and affordable housing.

For further information, please contact:

Verna Lynne Weeks
Communications Officer
PEI Department of Social
Services and Seniors

Stephen Ramsay
Service Canada

Emely Poitras-Benedict


Canada – P.E.I. Affordable Housing Program Agreement Summary


To increase and sustain the supply of new affordable housing in Prince Edward Island. Housing supported by the Canada – P.E.I. Affordable Housing Agreement must be affordable for 10 years.


Funding under this agreement will be used to create new, additional, affordable housing units for low- to moderate-income Islanders through rental, conversion and home ownership initiatives.


The program is administered by the Prince Edward Island Department of Social Services and Seniors. P.E.I. is responsible for the selection of affordable housing projects. Provincial priorities are housing for families, persons with disabilities and persons with special needs. The P.E.I. Government has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to deliver the home ownership component.

Financial Provisions

Maximum CMHC funding under the agreement is $4.16 million to be matched by the Province of Prince Edward Island, municipalities and others partners.


P.E.I. will provide annual audit and performance reports on the use of CMHC funding.
CMHC will lead a national evaluation of the program in 2006 and the province will be invited to participate.

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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