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SGH Mortgages Inc. moves onto MorWEB

March 14, 2006 - Marlborough Stirling Canada (MSC) is pleased to announce that SGH Mortgages Inc. has selected MSC's MorWEB as its mortgage origination and customer management solution. MorWEB provides mortgage brokers the tools to manage all aspects of their origination activities, including capturing application details, running credit reports and submitting applications to selected lenders. Through its web-based functionality, brokers can access MorWEB and conduct business any time, and anywhere.

SGH Mortgages Inc. has been serving the market of Pickering, Ontario for nearly 10 years. During that time they have built a reputation as a trusted source for quality service and competitive rates. Scott Baldwin, MorWEB's Regional Director for Eastern Canada explains that "SGH Mortgages will realize immediate benefits through the implementation of a truly effective solution that gets the data through to the lender correctly and completely, each and every time. MorWEB eliminates any concerns over data integrity, and makes it easy to connect and interact with lenders online so that conditions can be managed and addressed in real time. All of this helps brokers get their deals done faster and more efficiently than ever before."

Explaining the decision to select MorWEB, Steve King, President of SGH Mortgages Inc., says: "Beyond the obvious technical advantages of the system, the MorWEB team brings a refreshing approach to client service that I really appreciate. They consistently listen and respond to my needs, and they show a genuine interest in acting as partners to ensure their system does everything I expect and more. They have a cooperative, low pressure approach that is a welcome change, and they don't demand exclusivity over which system I use. Marlborough Stirling Canada is trustworthy and reliable, and their high standard of customer service and support certainly backs that up."

Dave Nichol, Director, MorWEB Sales, says: "It is through the support of people like Steve King and SGH Mortgages that MorWEB is really beginning to make an impact. This market has long been underserved both in functionality and support, and by backing up our industry leading solution with quality customer service, we are setting new standards for what our clients can expect from their technology provider. We are pleased that SGH Mortgages has taken the time to understand what we're all about, and that they have the confidence in us to be a leader in their area by moving their business onto MorWEB. We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship."

About SGH Mortgages Inc.

SGH Mortgages Inc. was established in 1997 when it became an in-house service for Sutton Group-Heritage Realty Inc in Pickering, Ontario. Its founder, Steve King, has over 30 years experience in the financial business. SGH Mortgages Inc. has 10 employees including in-house partner Rob Mason who has over 12 years experience in financial services. SGH Mortgages Inc. provides assistance for first and second mortgages as well as refinances and switches. For more information see:

Steve King
President, SGH Mortgages Inc.
(T): 905-619-9500

About Marlborough Stirling Canada

Marlborough Stirling Canada’s focus is on mortgage origination and administration, offering a complete range of hosted and licensed software implementations capable of achieving seamless straight through processing of mortgage business from initial customer inquiry to final loan discharge.

Marlborough Stirling Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vertex Financial Services ( Vertex is an international business process outsourcer based in Manchester, UK, with particular expertise in customer management. Vertex develops and implements a range of service solutions including transformational outsourcing, combining its skills in consulting, technology and outsourced service provision to stimulate and facilitate business change and flexibility.

Vertex is part of United Utilities plc, a FTSE 100 company, and works in partnership with clients in the commercial, financial services, utility and public sectors, as well as the North American utility sector, to deliver operational and customer service excellence. Vertex has 9,000 employees based in 69 locations across the UK, Canada, the USA, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and India.

For more information:

Scott Baldwin
Regional Director, Eastern Canada
(T) 416-697-3698

David P. Nichol
Director, MorWEB Sales
(T) 416-801-8144

Shawn Wilson
Regional Director, Prairies
(T) 403-589-6068
Mike Ashe
Regional Director, BC
(T) 778-228-7784

For information on MorWEB lender connectivity:

Stewart Eadie
Vice President, ASP Accounts
(T): 416-620-2692