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FSCO Takes Aim At Scams Through New Web Portal

TORONTO, Ontario, April 25, 2006 — The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) is taking more action to help consumers identify and protect themselves against scams.

The new Beware of Potential Consumer Scams pages on the FSCO website alerts consumers and pension plan members to potential scams. It also provides single-portal access to helpful information and content on FSCO's website, and to related websites such as Phonebusters.

"By providing this service, consumers are in a better position to protect themselves," said Bob Christie, CEO and Superintendent of FSCO. "Consumers can check to see if an entity is listed on our scams page. This initiative supports FSCO's goal of improving website content for consumers."

The portal includes links to FSCO Warning Notices and a new series of online bulletins that alert consumers to potential scams FSCO has investigated. It also includes a link to FSCO consumer brochures with information on the regulated sectors.

For information on the sectors regulated by FSCO, consumers and plan members are asked to visit the website at or call FSCO's Contact Centre at 416-250-7250.

FSCO is an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Finance and regulates insurance, pensions, credit unions, caisses populaires, co-operatives, mortgage brokers, and loan and trust companies.

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