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MorWEB mortgage origination system powers connect2mortgages Inc.

April 27, 2006 - Marlborough Stirling Canada (MSC) is pleased to announce that connect2mortgages Inc. have selected MorWEB as their preferred system for mortgage origination and customer management.

Nadine Evans of connect2mortgages Inc. says: "As a new brokerage for the golden horseshoe area, connect2mortgages Inc. are establishing partnerships with service providers such as MorWEB who are able to respond to industry needs with a level of agility, competence and speed that matches the ethos of connect2mortgages Inc. We have chosen MorWEB because of their comprehensive product offering and the service levels they are able to provide."

Scott Baldwin, MorWEB's Director for Eastern Canada, explains: "Ever since we launched MorWEB our goal has been to work as closely as possible with our clients to provide the technology and support they need to succeed. We do this by providing our clients with one on one training and personal support, while making sure that we listen and respond to their needs in a suitable fashion. When connect2mortgages Inc. was considering joining the MorWEB network, they were particularly impressed not only with the functionality of the system, but by the level of service we provide along with it."

Nadine Evans adds: "With MorWEB, we have a system that allows us to focus less on the technology and more on what we do best, which is providing great customer service. MorWEB is easy to use, maintains accurate data and gets our deals through to the lender every time without fail. We've had excellent service from the MorWEB team, and are pleased that they continue to live up to their promise of providing great technology and great support."

MorWEB's use among brokers has picked up considerably as more and more people take the time to review the features and functions that are available," says Dave Nichol, Director, MorWEB Sales. "We sincerely appreciate the support of connect2mortgages Inc. as they join the growing chorus of clients speaking highly of MorWEB and Marlborough Stirling Canada. Together, we are sending a clear signal across Canada that the time is right for change. By listening closely to our clients we continue to set new standards in the level of service brokers can expect from their technology provider, and remain committed to ensuring that MorWEB leads the way in terms of functionality and reliability."

About connect2mortgages Inc.

For information about connect2mortgages Inc contact:

Nadine Evans
connect2mortgages Inc.
Tel: 519 757-6615

About Marlborough Stirling Canada

Marlborough Stirling Canada (MSC) is a technology services provider to the Canadian mortgage industry. MSC offers a complete range of hosted and licensed software solutions capable of achieving seamless straight through processing of mortgage business from initial customer inquiry to final loan discharge. MSC's solutions include MorWEB (origination system for brokers and lender sales forces), Omiga (underwriting, fulfillment and funding), and Optimus (mortgage servicing).

For information on MorWEB:

Scott Baldwin
Regional Director, Eastern Canada
(T) 416-697-3698

David P. Nichol
Director, MorWEB Sales
(T) 416-801-8144

Mike Ashe
Regional Director, BC
(T) 778-228-7784
Shawn Wilson
Regional Director, Prairies
(T) 403-589-6068

For information on MorWEB lender connectivity:

Stewart Eadie
Vice President, ASP Accounts
(T): 416-620-2692