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MorWEB supports growth of Mortgage Brokers of Canada

May 5, 2006 - Marlborough Stirling Canada is pleased to announce that Mortgage Brokers of Canada have begun using MorWEB for mortgage origination and customer management. MorWEB is a web-based portal service that lets mortgage brokers develop and maintain a customer database, enter client data for mortgage financing applications, perform credit inquiries, and select and send deals to a variety of lenders. Lenders can then return an electronic response complete with a commitment letter and listing of financing conditions.

Satindar Gill, co-owner of Mortgage Brokers of Canada, says: "Marlborough Stirling Canada's service and support was the determining factor in our decision to go with MorWEB. From day one they have made us feel like we can really trust them as a supplier to be there when we need them. They are prompt, courteous and professional, and their personal approach makes them very easy to work with. The MorWEB team obviously has a solid understanding of what brokers need when it comes to training and support, and is definitely leading the way in terms of backing up their technology with the best support available."

Scott Baldwin, MorWEB's Director for Eastern Canada, says: "We recognize that while our technology can be a key enabler in a broker's success, it also takes the right combination of training and support to really make a difference. Our goal is to work on a personal level with each of our clients so we can teach them how our system works, show them the benefits, and provide assistance whenever required. We are a service provider that truly listens and responds to the needs of our clients."

"MorWEB is also attractive because they don't demand exclusivity," says Satindar Gill. "With MorWEB we're not locked onto a single provider, which is a critical issue. Our brokers have the option of using systems other than MorWEB should that be necessary, and this is particularly beneficial during the period of growth we're experiencing because we can bring new brokers on board without unduly concerning ourselves with which system they use. We enthusiastically encourage the use of MorWEB but also appreciate the fact that we have a fair choice in the matter."

"We have long recognized that exclusivity is not in the best interest of our clients, so we have continually steered away from it," says Dave Nichol, Director, MorWEB Sales. "Instead, we believe in winning customers through hard work and a solid commitment to service, and by continually working to ensure that our system is the most capable and reliable on the market. The support of Mortgage Brokers of Canada again confirms that this is a winning strategy. We are very thankful for their support and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with them."

About Mortgage Brokers of Canada

For information about Mortgage Brokers of Canada contact:

Satindar Gill
Co-owner, Mortgage Brokers of Canada
Tel: 905-566-1999

About Marlborough Stirling Canada

Marlborough Stirling Canada (MSC) is a technology services provider to the Canadian mortgage industry. MSC offers a complete range of hosted and licensed software solutions capable of achieving seamless straight through processing of mortgage business from initial customer inquiry to final loan discharge. MSC's solutions include MorWEB (origination system for brokers and lender sales forces), Omiga (underwriting, fulfillment and funding), and Optimus (mortgage servicing).

For information on MorWEB:

Scott Baldwin
Regional Director, Eastern Canada
(T) 416-697-3698

David P. Nichol
Director, MorWEB Sales
(T) 416-801-8144

Mike Ashe
Regional Director, BC
(T) 778-228-7784
Shawn Wilson
Regional Director, Prairies
(T) 403-589-6068

For information on MorWEB lender connectivity:

Stewart Eadie
Vice President, ASP Accounts
(T): 416-620-2692