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Six Affordable Housing Projects Open in Region of Waterloo

KITCHENER, Ontario, May 25, 2007 — Canada’s New Government, the Government of Ontario, and the Region of Waterloo celebrated the official opening of six new affordable housing projects in Waterloo Region, which will create a total of 82 units of affordable housing under the Canada – Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

The Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development; John Milloy, MPP for Kitchener Centre, on behalf of the Honourable John Gerretsen, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing; and Waterloo Regional Chair Ken Seiling, attended the ceremony.

“Canada's New Government is working to ensure funding is available for projects like these to address the need for affordable housing in communities across the country,” said Minister Solberg. “We are pleased to be working with our partners in both the public and private sector to help those individuals, seniors, and families in Waterloo that are working towards building a better and stronger future.”

“The McGuinty government believes that every person in this province has the right to safe, healthy, affordable shelter, and that affordable housing should be part of the fabric of every community,” said MPP Milloy. “These seven projects create new affordable housing opportunities for some of the most vulnerable households in Waterloo Region, and help to ensure they can live with dignity in our community.”

The six projects received more than $3.24 million from the Canada – Ontario Affordable Housing Program, including:

  • $154,000 for seven units at 1215 Queensbush Road in Wellesley, developed by Hunke Homes Ltd.
  • $270,000 for eight units for seniors at 99 Stanley Street in Ayr, developed by Lena Melnychuck.
  • $2.1 million for 50 units at 1420 King Street in Kitchener, developed by MennoHomes Inc.
  • $420,000 for six units at 84 Frederick Street in Kitchener, developed by the YWCA K-W.
  • $150,000 for five units at 66 Queen Street in Kitchener, developed by K-W Working Centre for the Unemployed.
  • $75,000 for three units at 31 Avon Road in Kitchener developed by L.M. Kovacevic Inc., and $75,000 for three units at 35 Avon Road in Kitchener developed by M.D. Kovacevic Inc.

“Secure and affordable housing is such a basic need for many in this community and the Region of Waterloo has been a leader in Ontario in funding, promoting and facilitating affordable housing projects,” said Regional Chair Ken Seiling. “Working with our dedicated community partners — including the six we are celebrating today — we have together successfully developed 1,200 units of affordable housing in Waterloo Region since 2001.”

Today’s federal and provincial allocation will be complemented by more than $1.2 million over 20 years in municipal financial incentives.

The new Canada – Ontario Affordable Housing Program Agreement comprises a commitment of $301 million from each of the two senior levels of government. In total, the federal, provincial and municipal governments will invest at least $734 million in the program, which will provide affordable housing for 20,000 households in Ontario.

Media contacts:

Pema Lhalungpa
Office of the Minister of Human Resources
and Social Development

Keith Lucas
Waterloo Region

Susan Bacque
Affordable Housing inquiries

Patti Munce
Minister Gerretsen’s Office

Kathie Howes
Canada Mortgage and
Housing Corporation

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News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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