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$2.8 Million Affordable Housing Project for North Battleford Youth and Families

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan, August 21, 2007 — The City of North Battleford today celebrated the opening of a $2.8 million affordable rental housing project for low-income families and vulnerable youth an initiative of the Centenary Affordable Housing Program (CAHP).

“Canada’s New Government is committed to making affordable housing available in Saskatchewan and across Canada for those who need it most,” said the Honourable Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food and Minister for the Canadian Wheat Board, on behalf of the Honourable Monte Solberg, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development. “The creation of these units will allow lower income families and vulnerable youth in North Battleford to live in safe, quality housing at an affordable cost and start a new page in their lives.”

“Through our HomeFirst strategy, North Battleford families and youth have a place to call home that opens the door to independence,” Health Minister Len Taylor, on behalf of Community Resources Minister Kevin Yates, said. “Quality housing is a cornerstone of healthy, thriving neighbourhoods and communities, and our government and partners will continue to respond to the residential needs of the people who live here. Projects like this one are an excellent example of what can be achieved when we work together to help people live in dignity.”

"The City of North Battleford is very proud of the partnership they have entered into with CMHC, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation and Nationswest Housing Corporation to see this housing project come to fruition,” Mayor Julian Sadlowski said. ”The upgrade of these 89 living units will ensure high quality rental units are available to our citizens, which will help these families be proud members of and contributors to our community."

Owned by the Nationswest Housing Corporation, a non-profit corporation established by the Battlefords Tribal Council, the project involved of the acquisition and renovation of four apartment buildings. Located at 1922, 1942 and 1952 St. Laurent Drive and 10809 Diefenbaker Drive, the buildings are close to primary and secondary schools, training facilities and other community amenities. There are 10 bachelor, 55 one-bedroom, 18 two-bedroom and 6 three-bedroom suites for a total of 89 affordable rental units. As part of the project, carpentry students from the Battlefords Tribal Council Training and Employment Centre installed cabinets, countertops and laminate in the apartments.

The total capital cost for the 89-unit housing project is an estimated $2.8 million. Under CAHP, Nationswest was approved for a $2.4 million contribution, broken down as follows: $1.2 million from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; $960,000 from Saskatchewan Housing Corporation; and $240,000 from the City of North Battleford. The balance of funding was provided by the Nationswest Housing Corporation in the form of $140,000 mortgage financing and $300,000 sponsor equity.

CAHP is funded under the Canada – Saskatchewan Affordable Housing Agreement. It provides approximately $33 million in federal funding for affordable housing, which is matched by Saskatchewan, municipalities and other partners. With these matching contributions, a total of over $66 million will be committed by 2007 – 2008 for affordable housing.

For information contact:

Kimberlee Jones

Linda Saliken
Community Resources

Jim Toye
City of North Battleford
North Battleford

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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