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US Mortgage Crisis not affecting Online Canadian Brokerage

CALGARY, Alberta, October 10, 2007 — The recent mortgage crisis in the United States has raised concerns and has left many people wondering if or how it will affect the Canadian mortgage market. The good news is that many mortgage brokerage firms are expressing that the US credit crisis is not a major issue in the Canadian market.

According to Daryl Maksymec, Vice President and CMO for CanEquity Mortgage, “We are one of Canada’s top-rated, independently owned Internet Mortgage Firms and our record-breaking numbers are proving that the Canadian mortgage market is not enduring the same conditions as seen in the US market for the last three months.”

CanEquity Mortgage is a frontrunner when it comes to online mortgage presence because they offer secure and reliable mortgage facilitation. Their numbers have proved that Canadian consumers appear to be more and more comfortable shopping online for their mortgages which reinforces that the US mortgage crisis has not had a negative impact on markets north of the border.

“Our five-year target (up to and including September 2007) for online applications, not including Internet phone calls, e-mails and repeat business, was set at 25,000. “This goal was easily exceeded with a strong third quarter in 2007 and fourth quarter numbers are expected to be similar,” said Maksymec.

Numerous lenders have opted to change their products in Canada to protect their own interests in case unstable market trends do creep into the Canadian mortgage market, however, tech savvy consumers need not worry because there are strong and competent mortgage firms, like CanEquity Mortgage, that have proven their ability to assist consumers no matter what the current market shows. “Over 27,000 Internet clients cannot be wrong,” said Maksymec.

According to Anthony De Almeida, President and Chief Executive Officer for CanEquity Mortgage, online consumers are more comfortable providing personal details online than ever before. With technology constantly changing, consumers are demanding faster and more efficient service with access to the most products. When shopping for your next mortgage, remember CanEquity Mortgage is the one stop, secure, and accurate online office for Canadian mortgage consumers because they are licensed in all provinces.

For more information, call 1-888-818-4262.

Daryl Maksymec
Vice President, CMO
The Canadian Equity Group Inc

Anthony De Almeida
President, CEO
403-374-1782 ext. 226
The Canadian Equity Group Inc

News source: The Canadian Equity Group (CEG)


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