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January: A Busy Month For Mortgage Associates

CALGARY, Alberta, February 01, 2008 — While the mortgage market seems to have cooled south of the border, CanEquity Mortgage is proving that their business is no where near frozen like the recent winter temperatures that have hit most of Canada.

Secure online website transactions are keeping CanEquity, a national Canadian mortgage brokerage firm, on the leading edge of the global market. provides Internet users with a safe and secure web portal where they can apply for all their mortgage needs from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

“Thanks to our successful online strategy, we have exceeded our goal as of January 30 to have the busiest month ever,” said Daryl Maksymec, CanEquity Vice President.

“With the US uncertainty still looming, we’re proving that we can weather any storm as long as we are armed with the right tools and information,” he said.

With an outstanding start for 2008, CanEquity’s Internet statistics of over 65,000 unique visitors in the last 30 days are proving that the company is securing their position with the Canadian online customer. When applying the same traffic estimation, that's 40 percent more visitors than, and combined.

While the higher Internet traffic is great, CanEquity still needs to rely on the traditional means of generating business, like ‘word of mouth’.

“To do this, we hire and train agents and underwriters who can keep up with the pace and still provide the level of service clients deserve. Rates are rates, but this is also a service-oriented market. This approach has definitely helped us in quantity of referrals we have been receiving lately,” said Anthony De Almeida, President and CEO of CanEquity.

CanEquity underwriters and associates consider themselves among the better trained in the industry achieving numbers much higher than the average mortgage associate. Their associates each closed an average of 28 million in funded mortgages last year. This number grows with each year that an agent remains part of the CanEquity team.

For more information, call 1-888-818-4262.

Daryl Maksymec
Vice President, CMO
The Canadian Equity Group Inc

Anthony De Almeida
President, CEO
403-374-1782 ext. 226
The Canadian Equity Group Inc

News source: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)


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