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MorWEB powers RBL Capital

OAKVILLE, Ontario, May 27, 2008 — The promise of the paperless office has long been sought after, yet few have actually achieved it. But for today's mortgage broker, this vision can be easily accomplished through the appropriate use of technology. For RBL Capital, the solution that makes this possible is Marlborough Stirling Canada's MorWEB.

RBL Capital is a mortgage brokerage and private financing company serving Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and the greater Toronto area. By embracing technology and utilizing the web-based, online functionality of MorWEB, RBL's team of agents can function collectively as a unit ensuring a smooth transfer of information between agent and head office. The use of MorWEB's web application form further enhances the information exchange allowing for direct input by end users and agents alike in a streamlined efficient package. The online application allows for a central compilation of information allowing a smooth and seamless distribution to lenders.

RBL Capital

Damian Wickie, RBL Capital's Vice President, Finance, says: "through a combination of systems, we are able to capitalize on the benefits of a distributed workforce working through a central office. MorWEB fits right in as the cornerstone of our technology strategy because it interfaces so easily with the other systems we employ for imaging and CRM. Marlborough Stirling Canada's approach is unique in that way, as they do not impose unnecessary restrictions to how we use their system, nor do they demand that we use them exclusively. This is exactly what everyone should hope for in a technology partner."

By complimenting MorWEB with a scanning and document imaging system, RBL Capital is able to retain a complete online record of supporting documentation for every file. MorWEB permits managers to review documentation for individual agents or across the entire firm and all but eliminates the need for hard copy files to be couriered in to a central location.

RBL Capital also benefits through the use of a CRM system that links into MorWEB and provides a wide range of methods for analyzing the data tied to every single customer relationship across the brokerage team. This provides the ability to set reminders, schedule follow ups, predict new opportunities and provide their agents with enough background information that the client relationship can be maintained by any one of their team.

Damian Wickie adds: "MorWEB lets us be in control of all aspects of our business and provides us the flexibility to configure it to suit our needs. I am especially impressed with how the MorWEB team has worked so closely with us to ensure that their system does exactly what we need it to do rather than forcing us to change our business methods just to fit the technology. They are cooperative, forward-thinking and very quick to respond. This is a system that all brokers should seriously consider, and I encourage them to do so. MorWEB has certainly helped our business embrace technology rather than endure frustration, so I enthusiastically recommend it to all of those that have a choice in the matter."

Your Business, Your Choice

For more information about MorWEB contact your regional representative:

Scott Baldwin
Regional Director, Eastern Canada
Broker Sales and Service
Tel: 647-267-5790

Mike Ashe
Regional Director, Western Canada
Broker Sales and Service
Tel: 604-561-3913

April Dunn

Regional Director, Prairies
Broker Sales and Service
Tel: 403-613-3620

Paul Siksna
Sales Representative, MorWEB
Tel: 416-509-0192


About RBL Capital - RBL Capital Corporation (RBL), an independently owned and operated company, provides a full range of financing solutions across a diverse client base. By leveraging partner relationships, RBL is able to provide residential and commercial mortgage financing, arbitrate and mediate corporate loans and implement efficient service delivery to its clientele. RBL's primary focus is to tailor financing solutions to their clients' needs while ensuring the individual or organization can maintain or enhance their economic well-being, pursue new opportunities and maximize their resources.

RBL Capital
169 Robinson Street

Oakville, Ontario L6J 5W7
Tel: 905-842-7557

News source: Marlborough Stirling Canada


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