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CanEquity Celebrates Best Year in Company History

CALGARY, Alberta, January 21, 2010 — Throughout 2009 the economic uncertainty caused many individuals and companies to cut back and take fewer financial risks, but not CanEquity. Last year was a record year in the company’s eight-year history because they stuck to their business model and offered more products and services to meet changing consumer needs.

The company even expanded their market share into the Financial Services and Insurance Markets causing their affiliate membership to grow and their strategic alliances in the marketplace to flourish.

“Our goal in 2009 was to provide a full-service brokerage where customers can get a mortgage, life insurance and even financial products all in a one-stop shop,” said Anthony De Almeida, CEO of the Canadian Equity Group Inc. (parent company of CanEquity Mortgage).

By offering their clients full-service with everything from free, unbiased basic financial advice to the actual products needed to make those financial aspirations a reality, CanEquity is there for its customers.

“We had a lot of positives in 2009 that far outweighed the negatives in the market which led to us having a record year. Every year we try to top the previous year’s numbers and we did it again. We saw more applications come into our call centre in 2009 because we were finally able to give our customers everything they needed without all the hassle,” said De Almeida.

Good mortgage products, solid investments and a full menu of insurance products are available as part of a winning strategy to keep CanEquity ahead of the curve in the mortgage industry.

“These new products and services will assist us as we work to grow even more in 2010 and surpass our current year’s projections. This year is already looking positive for us and we can’t wait to make 2010 our new record year,” said De Almeida.

News source: The Canadian Equity Group (CEG)


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