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Ontario REALTORS® support grow ops registry bill

TORONTO, Ontario, November 25, 2010 — Ontario REALTORS® support private members Bill 139, Clandestine Drug Operation Prevention Act, 2010, introduced by MPP Lisa MacLeod to establish a marijuana grow operations and clandestine drug laboratory registry.

“Grow-ops are major problem for homebuyers in the province and we have been urging the Ontario government to establish a registry to protect consumers for almost ten years,” said Dorothy Mason, President. “We urge the government to pass this bill in order to protect homebuyers.”

REALTORS® are obligated by law to disclose to potential homebuyers if a home has been used as a marijuana grow-operation or a drug lab. Ontario REALTORS are hindered by the lack of a central registry which is crucial to protecting homebuyers from the potential health and safety hazards of properties formerly used to manufacturer clandestine drugs.

Bill 139 defines a clandestine drug operation to be an illegal operation where any substance listed in the schedules I through IV in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act of Canada can be obtained by any method or process.

Clandestine drug operations cause significant damage to homes. For example, physical damage done to the house by excessive moisture leading to mould, chemical contamination, structural alterations and electrical rewiring leading to fire hazards.

Often these homes received cosmetic renovations to disguise the fact they were marijuana growoperations and consumer unknowingly purchases these homes. This can lead to loss of insurance for the property and exorbitantly high remediation costs.

The Ontario Real Estate Association represents 49,000 brokers and salespeople who are members of the provinces 42 real estate boards. OREA serves its members through a wide variety of publications, educational programs and special services. The association provides all real estate licensing courses in Ontario.

OREA was founded in 1922 to organize real estate activities and develop common goals across the province. These goals included promoting higher industry standards, protecting the general public from unscrupulous brokers and salespeople, and preserving private property rights.

News source: Toronto Real Estate Board


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