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CanEquity Denounces Telemarketing Ploys

CALGARY, Alberta, September 07, 2010 — CanEquity wishes to make adamant its no tolerance standpoint on the telemarketing tactics used by some companies in their attempt to gain clientele.

CanEquity has recently been notified by other mortgage brokerages that they have been contacted by telemarketing companies claiming to be providing marketing services for CanEquity and other large firms in Canada. These claims are false and this method of advertising is fraudulent.

"Such unlawful and unauthorized endorsement completely lacks integrity and is not the appropriate, or ethical, manner of gaining a client base," says Anthony De Almeida, CEO of the Canadian Equity Group Inc., founder and operational head of the CanEquity Mortgage division.

"We are strongly opposed to this practice and do not, in any way, endorse it."

Several telemarketing companies in Canada inundate industry professionals, and the public, with unsolicited e-mails, phone calls and other communications in an effort to attract business. Often these companies will not remove subjects from their e-mail lists, even after the repeated request to do so is made. CanEquity abhors this practice and resolutely opposes the usage of telemarketing to attract new clients.

"CanEquity does not work with, or employ, any third party companies to conduct its marketing," says Daryl Maksymec, chief marketing and security officer for CanEquity.

"Forceful, unsubscribed advertising has never been our philosophy; we strive to make sure that our business is based on information, knowledge and customer service."

If a company wishes to utilize the CanEquity name as an endorser, they must first receive permission in writing. The fact that such companies use CanEquity's name unwarrantedly to advance their own venture is proof that they are unable to offer the products and services that Canadians are seeking on their own accord, and should be strictly avoided. receives tens of thousands of applications online, and has been providing financial products, insurance services and mortgages across Canada for nearly a decade, without the use of any third party marketing or telemarketing companies.

CanEquity believes that proper marketing can only be done by professionals who know and understand the business they are representing – inside and out. We accomplish this by employing an in-house, duly competent marketing staff.